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«Evil Inc. has begun to corrupt the legendary land of Camelot, stealing its magic and turning its once mighty king and queen into drunken puppets. A word from the wise: run for the hills, and don’t look back!»
Meet John and Mary, time-traveling pals, and engage in a quest to save King Arthur and Queen Guinevere from a voracious spell book!
«We love to collect hidden items, especially when they’re random and look like toys! Can you help us in our mission?» — John
«Mary is the skilled wizard. She has a degree in mathematics, and she also loves to craft potions. Help her unlock her incredible potential!» — Mary
You play as John and Mary, two best friends who’ve just arrived in Camelot. You are both very skilled at craftsmanship, so your job is to create tools for John to use in his fight against Evil Inc. and clear the way for him to fight the book’s spell on Camelot.
Let’s start on the mission from John and Mary’s first adventure. You’re asked to craft a basket for them to carry their tools. Select from a set of blueprints to construct the tools. To earn more useful inventory items, you’ll need to complete certain steps. Keep your eye on the timer at the top of the screen, so you don’t forget to take care of your friends!
This is the first of many story-based adventures. Each stage of the game features a new, engaging storyline. Explore the characters’ home boroughs to find the tools and items you need, and explore the world of Camelot to seek out new upgrades, collect treasure and complete objectives.
Each chapter includes over 20 achievements! Each time you complete a level, check your progress on the Game Center leaderboards. Have fun and be careful!
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Come on the newest episode of our new series Royal Quest The Adventurers vs. The Witch! To help John defeat the evil witch, Mary summons a wizard and armors her with metal-based magic. In Arthur’s quest to defeat the witch, the knight uses some old-fashioned methods to protect Camelot from the witch’s schemes.
Join these friends as they adventure through the lands of Camel


Features Key:

  • 200 levels
  • 30 characters
  • Maps, skills and items
  • Randomly generated level
  • Endless gameplay
  • This item is one of those rare moments in time where a game design perfectly serves its intended purpose while at the same time:

    • satisfying the cravings of veteran gamers
    • providing a mysterious gameplay experience for the sheer joy of discovery.

    This game exists because it encourages everyday players to try something new while keeping veterans engaged with the options available.

    Maximally Force,

    Programmer / Developer

    Code: Sunb1an_5(there was a minor revelation on the limitations, namely to some characters)






    <img src="https: //cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/366624223145910592/367883375229630592/Chronoblast.Game.Screenshot5.jpg"


    Portability With Key (2022)

    +A beautiful fantasy action game that has an RPG element!
    +The story is about the «Crossing Battle» of two goddesses, «Avenia» and «Nomia». They have an undying rivalry in the world of Venk, which will set the path for the goddesses.
    +Nomia, who is a fox god and the leader of the goddesses, is a half-breed that was created by «Avenia» and is hated by all. Nomia’s younger brother «Rhada» will become the crossroad for the war between the two goddesses.
    +The battle will take place on this crossroad, and you will choose your side. Will you be Nomia’s right-hand-man? Or will you be the leader of the world of Venk?

    NOTE: English versions are still under development and contain many incorrect items and texts.

    Main Features
    * Truly interactive, turn-based battles with full-on RPG dialogue.
    * Collect the goddess’ prayer stones to challenge against them in battles.
    * Customize your party formation and then have them fight for you.
    * Play with up to three different party members on one screen at once.
    * Uncover new in-game characters by playing with other party members.
    * Enjoy 17 highly detailed enemy and boss characters!
    * Take on more than 100 quests and adventure.
    * Create your own town as the crossroad of Goddesses
    * Engaging turn-based battles and vivid 3D graphics!

    About This Content
    We present Bloody Chronicles Original Soundtrack that begins with the openings created by Sara Matsumoto (Riverside)
    26 musical pieces created by two Japanese composers Nishiki Haruka & Andy Hiroyuki, which blend in perfectly with the world of Bloody Chronicles
    01. Konton no Umi@`Shisu wa Ikari ka Tamashii ka 【Full Version 】
    Theme Song: Konton no Umi@`Shisu wa Ikari ka Tamashii ka`
    Vocal: Sara Matsumoto (Riverside)
    Lyrics/Composed: Cororo (Riverside)
    Guitar: Snowman (Riverside)
    02. Konton no Umi@`Shisu wa Ikari ka Tamashii ka 【Nomas】
    03. Konton no Umi@`Shisu wa Ikari ka Tamash


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    In the future, humanity has expanded into multiple worlds all scattered across the galaxy. In the name of science and exploration, men and women have established contact with an Earth-like planet. Due to planetary differences, inhabitants have developed their own technologies and their own cultures.

    The game follows the stories of multiple groups of people and their experiences in this distant world. You will explore their cultures, befriend them and learn of their stories. All of this will happen in the context of a technological and cultural clash.

    Star Shift Origins Soundtrack:
    A career-spanning selection of electronic and ambient music from the whole of Game «Star Shift Origins Soundtrack» Gameplay. Featuring a variety of artists who have worked in the industry since 1984.

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    In the far future, men and women have expanded beyond the solar system and are reaching out to the stars, establishing a new home on a far-off world. They’re called Starbists. Starbists are explorers, scientists, students and eventually, conquerors. Starbists boldly push across stars while building civilizations and creating new technologies. If Starbists cannot overcome an obstacle, they turn their backs and continue on their journey.


    — A career-spanning selection of electronic and ambient music

    — A variety of genre-appropriate artists

    — Over 100 minutes of music to get your Starbist ship cruising!

    Star Shift Origins Soundtrack:
    A career-spanning selection of electronic and ambient music from the whole of Game «Star Shift Origins Soundtrack» Gameplay. Featuring a variety of artists who have worked in the industry since 1984.

    Explore the worlds of Star Shift Origins in this digital soundtrack.

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    descriptionProduct Description

    In the far future, men and women have expanded


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    Nadia – The protagonist of the game. A recent graduate of a prestigious high school, Nadia has dreamed of a happy life. The daughter of a respectable merchant and his wife, she has everything a girl could ever need. And yet, she has not found herself a boyfriend, despite her dreams.
    Marriage – Since she was a little girl, Nadia has dreamed of one day marrying her childhood friend, Marcell. They were already engaged, but at the last minute Nadia’s father, a prominent nobleman from the Kingdom of Ecclesia, decided to remarry. It didn’t take long for the dowry and the marriage to go through, and Marcell was left heartbroken. Nadia’s father declared that she was his only concern now, and that there was nothing more he could do for her.
    Taken from her, too. – The parents of Marcell died in a tragic accident. The incident did not seem to leave any scars on Nadia, who was always quite close to her father. Her greatest worries were her schoolwork, and the search for a boyfriend to “make up for” Marcell. But one day, on a stroll through the village, a strange man accosts her. She has a strange feeling of familiarity, but she ignores it. The man follows her to her house, and the next day, in front of her parents’ house, he invites her to his house. She refuses at first, but he insists. Eventually, she gives in. The man appears to be a solid, stable person, a model of masculinity. He appears to be…fatherly. Nadia’s attitude toward him changes. Not long after, she and Marcell’s father do not come to school anymore.
    The Princess’s story – The Princess Ariana is the daughter of King Caesar, and Nadia’s older sister. As such, it is her duty to wait for the king at his castle, and be his queen. She is obedient and sweet. But she isn’t naïve, and she isn’t a pushover. Ariana has spent her whole life being spoiled and pampered by her father. Her upbringing has taught her to be strong, and she won’t hesitate to turn against anyone who dares hurt her. And yet, her life is just as clouded. She seems to have a dark quality inside her.


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    System Requirements:

    Minimum Requirements:
    CPU: Intel Pentium III 667 MHz or higher.
    RAM: 256 MB RAM, Windows 98, Windows 2000 or Windows XP.
    Video: 128MB RAM, 256MB available disk space.
    Sound: DirectX 8.0 compatible sound card.
    Note: PSEUS does not require any hardware.
    Minimum recommended requirements:
    CPU: Intel Pentium 4 1.7 GHz or higher.
    RAM: 512 MB RAM, Windows 98, Windows 2000 or Windows XP.


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