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I won’t X from a wicked dice

I won’t X from a wicked dice.
What X can I don’t have to be part of the riddle?
This riddle is composed by Mark McBride. The link to his website is in the riddle.


I think you mean

I will not X in this dice

As it is not part of the wordplay, but rather the topic for the riddle.

Spermatocyte maturation and fertility: effects of temperature and photoperiod on lagged and continuous hot/cold treatments.
We compared the effect of two hot/cold treatments, lagged or continuous, on the fertility of young broiler chickens. The treatments were imposed during the period of most rapid spermatocyte maturation in the second cycle of spermatogenesis. Lagged or continuous heat treatments were imposed from 23 to 27 weeks of age (mammalian spermatogenesis cycle: 28 to 31 weeks) or from 31 to 35 weeks of age (mammalian spermatogenesis cycle: 36 to 39 weeks). Both treatments significantly lowered fertility, but the continuous treatment was more effective in males subjected to lagged treatment from 23 to 27 weeks of age (mammalian spermatogenesis cycle: 27 to 30 weeks) than in the other groups. The continuous heat treatment decreased fertility similarly in both younger and older male broilers. The effect of both treatments on fertility was influenced by photoperiod. Continuous heat treatment resulted in lower fertility when birds were exposed to continuous light (16L:8D) than when they were exposed to continuous dark (8D:16L) at 27 weeks of age (mammalian spermatogenesis cycle: 31 to 35 weeks). However, the effect of temperature and photoperiod was additive. The fertility of birds subjected to lagged treatment tended to be greater when they were exposed to 16L:8D than when exposed to 8D:16L at 35 weeks of age (mammalian spermatogenesis cycle


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