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RasTop Crack Keygen Full Version Download

To fully understand chemistry you need to visualize it. At the rate of which technology advanced, it is possible to do so from the comfort of your desktop chair. Doing so is only available through special applications, just like RasTop. In depth molecule visualization With the help of this little utility you are able to better understand what is going on at an atomic level. RasTop allows you to view any proteins, nucleic acids, and small molecules created with Rasmol. Use your mouse to navigate around, or by the press of a button you can make it automatically spin while you sit back and analyze. Different view modes are available, ranging from wireframe, to ball and stick, according to your liking. An abundance of options RasTop is anything but missing view options, and it won't leave you clueless for a second. The basic rotation options ensure that everything can be in sight, while tabs can be opened for more in depth analysis, such as number of atoms, groups, and much more. Specific components can be hidden, or shown, depending on the case, to ensure an even better understanding. Multiple molecules can be viewed at the same time, as well as a “Stereo” option, that will split the workspace into two, allowing for different angles to be visible simultaneously. In conclusion To sum things up, RasTop offers a highly complex view on what's going on at a molecular level. This makes it a suitable learning application, that can come in handy to those students that simply cannot comprehend chemistry. Moreover, the ability to save under one of the common image file types, gives you the ability to share info with people that lack this handy utility.


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Download ►►►►► https://urlgoal.com/2sotdw






RasTop 1.3.1 Crack

RasTop Crack Mac is a small program developed with one goal: to offer an all-in-one tool to aid in the understanding of chemical compounds. Its user interface is simple, the information comes from a database of existing molecules created with Rasmol. For the visualizations, it uses the renowned RasMol module, that has been extended with special visualization tools, thanks to its size and universality. RasDAS is a free RasMol add-in plugin for Microsoft Excel. This module enables you to customize the presentation of the RasMol molecular model in Microsoft Excel, just like you would do on a computer screen. Once the model has been launched in Excel, you can use the Draw, Measure, and Number buttons to resize the molecule and add labels. Molecular viewer for RasMol. Provides interactive 3D representation of a molecule, powered by The Open Source Molecular Viewer RasMol. This software is entirely free, there are no limits, costs or registration. Molecular viewer for RasMol. Provides interactive 3D representation of a molecule, powered by The Open Source Molecular Viewer RasMol. This software is entirely free, there are no limits, costs or registration. The current version of roto3D-RasMol-v4.2 — written in Java — is a simple GUI-application for the molecular representation and visualization based on the open source molecular viewer RasMol. It is totally free and open to everybody. Small Molecule Viewer, based on RasMol, is a simple app for viewing and editing smaller molecules. The rotatable molecules can be moved and rotated by dragging their handles. Molecules can be scaled using the zoom tool. Molecules can be viewed in both their editable and general (non-editable) forms. …now you can have a look at the molecules of the most important drugs without leaving your PC! MediViewS is a free, portable and simple to use 3D viewer for molecular structures. It is based on the open source molecular viewer RasMol and is fully compatible with it. …now you can have a look at the molecules of the most important drugs without leaving your PC! MediViewS is a free, portable and simple to use 3D viewer for molecular structures. It is based on the open source molecular viewer RasMol and is fully compatible with it. …now you can have a look at the molecules

RasTop 1.3.1 Crack

What’s new in this version: Version 1.2 fixes a bug with the “Open new window” button, and some other small bugs. Requirements: RAM: Above 1 GB ADMINISTRATION: Due to the nature of this utility, it is for adults only FASTEST: There are no internal filters, so the application might seem to be fast at first, however, due to there being a bunch of different components and large scenes, our parser could be very demanding. DESKTOP: Designed for Windows XP with 1 GB RAM, Vista with more, or Windows 7 with 2 GB RAM. RASTOP will run on Windows computers RasTop needs a single temporary file on your hard drive to function Version 1.2.2 1.2 Fixed a bug with the Open new window button. Enjoy the final version and download it right away. jazzz (9 days ago) 3.8 B great tool I recently came accross this piece of software which is very useful. it allows you to create and store simulations to disk and save them. there are many things which can be displayed in rastop. it can open files that you save and open a file made up of 3D object but unfortunately the only thing they don’t do is that they do not open and save file made up of chemical structures or chemical equations. It is a great tool and I advise all of you to take a look at it. super6777 (6 days ago) 4.0 A Easy to use, it has a nice GUI & almost everything is there. Good selection of molecules. viestuharmaa (6 days ago) 5.0 A An amazing tool for every chemistry/biochemistry student/researcher. It is all about viewing molecules in various ways. When I am solving my molecular compounds I come to this tool a lot. There are basically two ways how to solve your problem and rasTop is a great tool for that sorineh (6 days ago) 1.9 A this is great software. very nice gui and it is easy to use. i found it very hard to get it to run though. but otherwise this is a very useful 2f7fe94e24

RasTop 1.3.1 With Keygen [Mac/Win]

For complete guide on how to use RasTop, view available help files, or use the online documentation, from the link below: Other popular editor/database applications: Gpdb — The Global Positioning System Database Deep Blue, Gromacs, etc. — open source software With everything for chemistry, RasTop gets my recommend! You can find my RasTop download at their website. Please read their user guide before downloading and using the program. Enjoy. You may also like: Molecule Viewer Summary: Description: Chemical drawing software that includes a base library for import, export and manipulation of molecular structure in SDF, MDL, CML, AM1, MMFF94, bt2, bt3, bt4, CE, N3, ChemView, InChI, CHEM, RDKit, MolconnX format. You can export/import ligands, replace/add ligands, change ligand conformations, make pre-set complex data-structures for each ligand (target and progenitor), show vdW interactions, put atoms in layers (channels), populate 3D channel structure information, visualize ligands within channels, convert/delete ligands, or change ligand stacking, or a compound, to save time. Display, pre-set ligand channels in 3D: View ligand as individual, multiple single-channels, two-channels, one single and one multi-channel. Display part in channels, delete ligand from channels Import ligands from MDL and CML, read from RDKit, read from MolconnX. Compare ligands using score functions including VdW interaction, ChEESPM, DfEe, ChEESPM-DfE, RBF, LBD and MolconnX interaction score. Import ligand’s clusters into the chemical drawing software for configuration and analysis. Export ligands to SDF or OpenBabel, Chem3D, Pymol, CML, or to STD-12 format (to be implemented) Delete ligands Ligands in channels (channels can be pre-set or import)

What’s New in the?

RasTop is a free Java-based Java Applet for viewing and manipulating structures and molecules, generated by Rasmol. It offers a rich and powerful view of a wide range of molecules. It can be used to display molecules of any kind and structure you wish to visualize. It can also be used for molecular dynamics, structure validation, and editing molecule structure. A general intuitive GUI allows to apply a transformation to the view. RasTop Features: * Show/hide arbitrarily many molecular components, * View stereo wireframe, ball and stick, or front and back molecule images * Magnification of the currently selected molecular components and atoms * Several GUI windows and tabs available (See help for details) * Tabs can be exported/opened as image, html, or rasmol file, * Send molecules as files or rasmol sessions to Rasmol, * Various coordinate rotations, * Scales, * A configurable red line grid, and * Font setup (adjust font size, orientation, bold, italic, and many other parameters). RasTop Installation The application is very easy to install. It is included with the latest Java version (Java 7). Once you have Java 7 installed, just double click on the rastop-1.0.jar file to start RasTop. ** Please note: RasTop (and Rasmol) require Java 1.6. Using RasTop If you find it too difficult to use, there is a RasTutorial that can walk you through the basics. An enhanced version of the software is soon to be available, where the added features are fully integrated with Rasmol. This will simplify your life, since you will no longer have to fiddle with the RasTutorial. Known bugs/Troubleshooting Tips: * If you encounter any problems, try to use the latest version of RasTop, check the bug thread for details. (Please Note: This description is for RasTop 1.1) RasTop is now available as a standalone application. You do not need to run Rasmol any more. RasTop features: * Display and save 3-D protein, DNA and small molecule structures, * Create your own models with the molecular editor, * Transform the view with general and specific orientation, * Display the chains of atoms, * Show the bond direction, * Show the bonds with a different color,


System Requirements For RasTop:

Mac OS X 10.11 or higher Intel i3 or later processor 2 GB RAM 4 GB free hard drive space NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 100 MB free video memory Fullscreen Video Card support is not supported. Key Bindings and Controls: Use the Keyboard: Fire buttons to toggle the shields. Z to toggle the shields. ‘ to toggle the shields. To save energy, the shields will toggle off after 10 seconds of no input.


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