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Reg Hunter Full Version 29

while the course is intended for individuals in the duck or goose pursuit, many people participate in the deer program as well. to take the federal duck stamp part of the course you must have taken the federal duck hunting course, or the course in another state where federal duck hunting is the sole hunting method. however, the federal duck stamp course is the prerequisite course to participate in the migratory bird programs and migratory bird hunting stamp. all candidates for the migratory bird stamps must have completed the federal duck hunting course.

all licenses and permits are good for the current season only. all licenses, except for the senior firearms license, are valid for two years. senior firearms license must be renewed every 10 years or at the end of the license holder’s eligibility.

the dnr estimates that, on average, about 70 percent of all geese, duck, and other migratory waterfowl hunters will be staying in wisconsin and the united states for the entire waterfowl season. those coming from outside of wisconsin are encouraged to plan to hunt a portion of their waterfowl hunts in wisconsin.

hunting is a very competitive business, and paying careful attention to season dates and regulations are a key to success. others attempting to harvest the same species may be using online tools to estimate a bag limit, which may or may not be accurate.

dnr lands are not accessible to the general public. hunting is limited to those having a lawful possessory interest in the land, other hunters, dnr personnel, and those engaged in the management or maintenance of the land.

huntable species totals, wild turkey, deer, and elk populations, and state harvest limits, for the 2014 deer hunting season in wisconsin have been posted on the department’s website (http://www.dec.state.wi.us/hunting/deer/pdf/2014/dwhs14-conservation-regulatory-process-wi.pdf) with hunting regulations. hunters will soon be able to register for fall and winter firearm and bowhunting. the information for online and paper-based registrations can be found at: http://my.wisconsin.gov/hunting/huntingregistration/fallandwintergunandbowhunts/ game is located and hunt dates are selected by the hunter. before hunting, the hunter must complete an online check-in. the check-in allows the hunter to review the hunting areas and hunting dates available. hunters may also change their initial check-in decision at any time prior to the first day of the hunt. hunters should check the status of their hunt before leaving home to ensure they have all documents, permit and license requirements before hunting. the department will not be responsible if a hunter shows up without the proper documents. the following documents must be at the time of check-in and if a hunt is selected: hunters who fail to register their harvest online or by phone may purchase a permit. permits are available at dnr dealers in advance of and at the time of the draw. permits are available for an additional $8 for the first license, and $1.50 for each license thereafter. permits have a 96-hour validity period. register a harvest online: the hunter enters basic harvest information and selects a species from a drop down menu. the harvest information is then checked to verify it matches what is on the harvest authorization. after entering the harvest information, the department sends a confirmation email to the hunter. the hunter must then accept or deny the permit. the hunter accepts the permit by clicking on the link in the confirmation email. if the permit is accepted, the hunter is selected for the draw. 5ec8ef588b


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