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Planned Features

Character Creation
— Multiplayer Support
— Customizable Character Creation
— Unlockable Character Equipment

— Unlockable Weapon Equipment
— Special Equipment
— Skill & Special Ability Skills
— Expanding Skill Tree
— Level-Up
— Special Skills & Combos
— Skill Points
— Magic Points
— Magic Scroll Combinations
— Blood & Exp Crystals
— Legendary Items
— Customize your Appearance
— Unlockable Character Equipment
— Unlockable Skill Equipments

How to Play
— Single Player
— Multi Player
— Multiplayer
— Guide System
— Customization
— New Game+ (Online)
— Character Development
— Consumables
— New Game+

— Automatic Attack
— Locking System
— New Game+

Battle Mechanics
— Player-vs-Player
— Leaderboard

— Crafting
— Customizable Crafting

— Social Map
— Guild System
— Mine

— Session Story
— Customize Dungeon
— Dungeon Explorer
— Auction
— Craft Battle

— Jewelry
— Jewel Crafting
— Merchant
— Fishing
— Fishing Line
— Key
— Cruise Ship
— Steamboat



— Campaign
— Story Campaign
— World Map

— Difficulty Settings
— Recommendations
— Compatibility
— How to Play

Battle Mechanics

— Single Player
— Multi Player
— Player-vs-Player


— Single Player
— Multi Player
— Task Force


— Single Player
— Multi Player


— Single Player
— Multi Player

Release Information



【Bug Fixes】

— Changes and Bug Fixes
・Fixed error when character menu was opened the game crashed.
・Fixed an error where turning the page of a manual did not scroll the screen and the page.
・Fixed an error where the description of the function for the scroll object appeared strange.
・Fixed an error where the menu of the map became empty when opening the search in the map.
・Made an error where the map was not shown in the description disappear.
・Fixed the error where the skill points of characters and


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Global Multiplayer Competitions
  • Action Combat: Battles simultaneously against a variety of enemies.
  • Adventurous Exploration
    A vast world that is rich in diversity and interactivity.
  • Easily accessable Character Creation System

    • Join matchmaking with fast connections and offline play
    • Easy socialisation in your private lobby
    • Real-time chat, voice communication, and items transaction

    Created by "Yuudai Kikkawa", the creator of "Eternal Duel Lord".

    • Publish on Steam
    • CAMTASA: Symposium of 2012 for a Digital Game title award for "Game Design"
    • JVare Awards: Game Design category: "2013"

    Sample screenshots by VISIONS

    <img src="


    Elden Ring Crack + Free Download For PC 2022 [New]

    The story revolves around the hero Gwyndel, who was exiled from his home, Borosha, for leaving his homeland with a promise of changing the world, to some other world. Gwyndel was misunderstood as an enemy for Eternia, so he was confused to be a traitor to Eternia, therefore, he left, but Borosha hopes a hero will give back to Borosha after trying hard in the new world.

    Fantasy ARPG that you will be able to interact with the world and leave your influence

    In the ARPG world, there are unique NPCs that are called “Outpost Masters.” With these individuals, you will be able to carry out your daily quests, find new dungeons, clear out dungeons, and more.

    And, you will be able to check your health status, equipment status, and request new items from the Outpost Masters by using the “Achievement Page,” which shows the Outpost Masters’ information and requests items from players.

    Story that you want to watch and find the protagonist!

    In Borosha, the protagonist Gwyndel, who was once considered an enemy of Borosha, is now pursued, but he moves onward and is seeking an answer to his own past problems.

    In the new world where he was exiled, Gwyndel must increase the reputation of the hero and clear out dungeons.

    The entire story will be written in a way that lets you follow the protagonist Gwyndel, and you can see what is happening on your own!

    Strong replay value that will let you experience a new world everyday

    By completing the quest, you will be able to obtain new equipment and items, and you can also participate in the server’s daily quest for a variety of achievements!

    In addition, by clearing out dungeons, you will be able to obtain new dungeon items, and you will be able to obtain rewards, such as game points, as well as items.

    Challenge by yourself to become a hero that’s worthy of your legend.

    You can experience a new chapter as you complete quests and dungeons.

    Special features that you have not experienced until now.

    We have put our effort to improve and enlarge the fantasy ARPG, as well as to increase the world with character customization and various content.

    New content! We will be adding in the following


    Elden Ring Free X64 Latest

    • Use an Action Point System to Advance Your Battle Skills

    Action points (AP) are consumed when you use skills. SP, which is used to increase the effects of your own skills, is used during battle.
    • Skill Point Increase System

    A variety of skills increase your level, providing you with experience points. Earning experience points by using skills will increase your level. The experience points are put into skill points, which you can use to improve your skills. By constantly improving your skills, you can become one step ahead of your opponents.


    You can play the game in two styles:

    Story Mode — Adventure Mode — Mission Mode* (Offline mode)

    Story Mode

    A story-driven online RPG that directly connects you to other players and lets you enjoy an interactive world with other players, plus a variety of contents ranging from quests to PvP.

    An action RPG that gathers together the various action game genres to provide you with a refreshing experience. Battle for the vast world with your friends and rivals online.

    Offline Mode

    This mode is supported in both the Game Center and the App Store. You will be able to enjoy the online content in Story Mode even when you are offline.

    Play Offline Missions while questing around the Online Game City!

    *Mission Mode is a separate mode that works with Quest Mode (Online mode). There are different Missions in Quest Mode, but their Mission settings will change in Mission Mode.

    Gameplay Adventure Mode game:

    • A Variety of Options for Customization

    Explore a world of Customization, and customize your characters in accordance with your own sense of style. You can change the appearance of almost every piece of armor, weapons, and accessories.

    On the other hand, weapons have different properties for each country, and one’s country of origin is added to your character’s appearance. By using these features, you can compose your own Customize!

    • A Variety of Skills with Various Effects

    You can customize the effects of a variety of skills by raising your skill level. In addition to this, your customized skills will have the characteristics you desire. Use this to create powerful and unique characters and then rise in power!

    Gameplay Mission Mode game:

    • A Variety of Missions

    A variety of Missions will be provided to you in order to have fun with your friends! (Offline Mission


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Tarnished, long lived and forgotten, just as a name of an old land of myths, has reappeared suddenly from its forgotten past to make a legendary performance.
    Not knowing how this happens, you are just an unlikely Chosen One who is left to destiny.
    Along with a large number of other followers, you fly to the Isle of Thunder in pursuit of an unknown future.
    Some dreams are true.
    Would you believe in your journey?

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  • Elden Ring is a fictional world where people strive to create the ultimate fantasy adventure game. The player takes the role of an adventurer, or a Lord, in an epic sword-and-sorcery adventure where the battlefield is divided into outer land and inner land.
    Elden Ring is a game that has been popular among PC users for a long time and we would like to share it with you!
    Elden Ring is not yet released, so please do not download and play it. Let us know if you see any problems, and we will fix them as soon as possible.


    • Windows 10
    • Screen resolution = 1080p
    • CPU: 2.1 GHz
    • RAM: 6 GB
    • HARD DISK: 20 GB
    • Graphic package: DirectX 11
    • Video drivers: Automatic

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