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● Established in 2011, Way of The Wolf is a game studio dedicated to creating a fantasy action RPG with a unique atmosphere of mystery.

● In 2013, the company adopted the name «Elden Ring Game» for the expansion of their title with a brand new direction, and released Broken Age: Act 2 — A Day in the Limelight as their first action RPG.

● The company’s plan is to continue to enhance their most recent action RPG title with new features, and create more titles for the major VR platforms.



Fantasy Action RPG

Broken Age — Act 2: A Day in the Limelight

Elden Ring Game

«A groundbreaking and engaging fantasy action RPG that draws upon the myths of your time to deliver a fresh experience in the style of an old fantasy game.» 4/5 — IGN

«One of the best action RPGs of this generation that will satisfy gamers that enjoy a good mix of action and fantasy» 9/10 — Gamezebo

«A fun, engrossing action RPG that takes the best of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and mixes it with the legend of the Norse gods.» 9/10 — AppSpy

«A great fusion of action-RPG and fantasy adventure that blends the best of action and RPG… broken age seamlessly intertwines both genres in a way that makes both sides shine and it is the perfect marriage of two distinct genres… an epic fantasy experience.» — Your Geekiness


Adventure, Striking Battles

☆Freely explore a vast world and discover mysterious and sprawling dungeons, each with unique and deep designs.

☆Fly over the field and enter the scene at the push of a button. In the heat of battle, switch to the tactical view and deliver devastating blows.

☆Develop your character and learn new skills while exploring the world and in battle. You can combine weapons, armor, and magic to create your own unique play style.

☆System that automatically creates the combat environment for you. Enjoy a vivid and realistic battles.

☆Choose from a variety of battle styles and armors for each character.

☆Enhance your character’s strength or develop your character’s magic.

☆Create a comfortable atmosphere with fantastic graphics and music.

☆The action adventure gameplay of Broken Age — Act 2: A


Features Key:

  • A Realm of Action and Drama
  • Customize Your Character
  • Play Online Multiplayer
  • Mervat2013-03-21T12:02:45.000000000+01:00comment:1144 posted on 2018-03-15 at 08:59:25

    While other fantasy worlds and their stories are actually made reality in Tarnished, I tried to think like a journalist and attend to just a few relevant research topics that I considered extremely interesting:

    1. What made Elsburg stand out from the other Ancient Civilizations?

    Many concepts and rules were introduced to the game through the Research Phase. One thing that may be difficult to recognize at first is that Elsburg is much more carefree in terms of standardization while it is still expressing an immense amount of originality. Unlike other civilizations that are well adapted to their environment (to maximize their resources) or where war is an existence requirement, Elsburg has a very laid-back approach on the most important aspect of the research phase of the game, its magic. That is, if one has enough mana, one can bypass or activate all the rules of the standardized version. In a way, Elsburg may be difficult to grasp because it offers many unrelated and often indifferent concepts among a large pantheon of gods of Magic.

    2. How were the smaller peoples of Elsburg and how were they influenced by these gods?

    As a specific case of gods, we can mention the Goddess of Naturalism and the Goddess of War who gave birth to the Elsburg nation. The former was the goddess of the wild and accessible fields that dominate the village territories, and the latter was the goddess who made alliances across civilizations in Elsburg, from the very first days of the civilization and who between her primary and secondary counsels she had a substantial impact on the Elsburg nation. These gods did not exist in isolation, but their influence on other peoples and the evolution of Elsburg depended on their connection to other gods and the dispersion of the main philosophy of this world, its sense of naturalism. Several other gods had a significant impact on Elsburg history and its current circumstances (see the following parts).

    <div style


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    Hello everyone!

    We were all eager to get the release of the new story information of Elden Ring so we can write an updated review, and we wrote one in the quickest possible speed.

    As such, this review will have a considerable amount of “gamerspirit,” and therefore we are not able to look at it from a pure game perspective, so we apologize for that.

    As for this review, we will be speaking of Elden Ring’s various elements such as characters, music, and graphics, with the exception of gameplay.

    We will be going over all of this before we get on to the review of Elden Ring.

    ▲ A Character

    The series of women who are put forward as main character Sakura has a slight deviation.

    In the previous games, the main character was female, and while you can change it up to an extent, there is only one character you can’t change.

    As for the previous main character, there was a strong impression of the character being young. As for this, Sakura feels fairly young.

    Compared to the previous main character, Sakura has a more serious look about her, and she has a sense of decorum that becomes clearer the closer you get to the conclusion of the game.

    ▲ Elden Ring

    Elden Ring in the latest news is a story of a boy named Tarnished.

    The protagonist of the game will be a Tarnished.

    In the previous games, there is a sense that the main character is tied to the world as a whole. As a result, there is only one main character you can change, and despite the protagonist not being a female, the main character’s gender was also consistently the same.

    The contrast here is that even at the beginning of the game, the protagonist can freely choose the gender, height, and body shape.

    The protagonist of the game will be a Tarnished.

    There are two reasons why the protagonist can freely choose the gender.

    One reason is that with a woman’s shape and bearing, the image of Tarnished as a woman is less natural, and you can easily distinguish Tarnished as a man. This would not be the case with a man.

    ▲ Music

    Elden Ring’s music also involves a large number of pieces.

    In the previous


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    Est. Year: 1979

    Weight: 170lb

    Height: 165cm

    Race: Human, female

    Voice: Naomi Kasumo

    Class: Warrior

    Skill: Magic, Heavy Armor, Bow

    Weapon: Greatsword

    Armor: Greatcoat with Boots

    Equip: Spiked Boots

    Keeper: Herald of the Shining Wheel

    Cultural trait: Hysteria

    Tarnished is a powerful warrior and the sworn servant of Princess Leinerhea. She works tirelessly for the glory of the people and will do whatever it takes to protect her beloved princess. She is a great sword-wielder and a mighty fighter.


    Est. Year: 1977

    Weight: 180lb

    Height: 170cm

    Race: Human, male

    Voice: Takashi Kondou

    Class: Musician

    Skill: Illusion, Throwing

    Weapon: Spear

    Armor: None

    Equip: None

    Keeper: Warrior of the Night

    Cultural trait: Charisma

    A loyal ally to the protagonist. Sireun is the guardian of the town. He is a skilled swordsman, and his percussion has amazing power.

    Princess Leinerhea

    Est. Year: 1983

    Weight: 110lb

    Height: 142cm

    Race: Human, female

    Voice: Asami Mori

    Class: Archer

    Skill: Archery

    Weapon: Bow

    Armor: Little Armor

    Equip: None

    Keeper: Warrior of the Sun

    Cultural trait: Dependability

    Princess Leinerhea is the princess of the Lands Between. She is a feminine archer and the protector of the town. Her arrows are effective, but she is modest and lacks self-confidence.

    RAISE, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    The Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG where the player fights monsters and quests using real-time battles and turn-based RPG combat. The Dye Sheet, which was a very important tool for the previous version of the game, has been eliminated.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Posted on 7 May 2017-
    Everything you need for the first instalment in the Tales Of series:
    PC Settings — Find out what type of experience it would be on your PC with this.
    Select Speakers — Let audio come in from your surround sound speakers for a realistic an immersive experience.
    HD Textures — Some older systems might not have the max 512 texture detail you might like, improve the draw through more detailed textures.
    Post Processing — Enables the makers to add post processing effects to textures.
    Toggle Menu — lets you see hidden menus and items, when not in use space is saved.
    FIRE GEISHA — You may have to pay to fix this, but I made this just for you. 😉
    ::::::::::: Minimap — A awesome little plugin that fills in the tiny little window on the game with some grass and points. See
    Sounds — Add special effects to the game to really distinguish you and your enemies.
    Required Items:
    Weapon Painter — Introduces you to your bow!
    Begins on:
    (You need to login for the how to find your character in the client)

    Posted on 27 Jan 2018-
    Hello everyone, i’m new here. I am wanting to make some custom character profiles, or rather colors. I was wondering if I am allowed to play someone else’s character and change out the colors. I have been reading all the rules in the FAQ, but still don’t know what’s best. Please let me know if I’m allowed to do this, and if I am allowed what is my steps to do this? Thank you so much for your help and time.

    Posted on 07 Jul 2018-
    Player Names please and serious comments are welcome.
    How do you name your NPC’s in this game?
    Zina Byrd

    Posted on 27 Aug 2018-
    this game is pretty awesome
    ! byebye bye!

    Posted on 1 Sep 2018-
    I’ve been playing the game since beta and i really like it, but i can’t move forward


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  • System Requirements

    • Windows Vista, 7 or 8 or 10
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    About the Author

    Masashi Suzuki:

    • Assistant Producer at DMM Games
    • Targets to reach a happy life in gaming

    Shinji Yamaguchi:

    • Designer Director at DMM Games
    • Is a very big fan of RPGs

    Saito Machida:

    • 2D Artist at DMM Games
    • The ingenious creation of the items and enemies

    Hiroko Noda:

    • Character Artist at DMM Games
    • Has the idea of costume design, when making Ryujin costumes.

    Yushi Shimizu:

    • Producer at DMM Games
    • A very big fan of RPGs
    • Play the main role as the producer.

    Tanaka Ayuna:

    • Director at DMM Games
    • Makes Elden Ring just as it should be
    • He also manages many things.




    System Requirements:

    Acer K450: AMD Catalyst (v13.10)
    Intel Graphics HD4000
    16 GB RAM
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