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ELDEN RING GAME («ERG») is a fantasy action RPG game developed by the Eastern HERO studio and Atlus U.S. Inc. (Atlus). A New Fantasy Action RPG Game that takes place in the Land Between Worlds, a world like ours, but the land of myth.

In this world, a story unfolds as people find themselves in a world where they have lost all their memories, often referred to as the «between» or «other world.» People who discover the «Dragon Crown» attain the power of eternal life, and they slowly begin to recall their past lives, memories, and even the reasons why they are in this «other world.»

The Land Between Worlds is a vast world, where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. You can freely explore this world, where you will encounter a variety of enemies and complete various quests as you travel.

You will also be able to make close bonds with your party members that join you on your journey. Your party members will develop their own personalities, and through conversations, you will be able to select the course of your story.


■ Motivation for the Players

A lost and lonely child named Tarnished is summoned to the Land Between Worlds after coming into contact with the mysterious Dragon Crown.

The Dragon Crown grants Tarnished an extraordinary power, one she did not ask for.

While she has her own original motivations, she looks forward to building strong bonds with the members of her party.

■ Real World Game with Real Emotions

Since this is a fantasy story, there are many elements in it that are wildly unrealistic.

However, for a real world audience, it was a strong motivating factor.

We hope that you will be emotionally moved, and that you will enjoy enjoying this fantasy world of yours.

■ Unique Fantasy Action RPG Game

ELDEN RING GAME is an action RPG that takes place in a fantasy world known as the «Land Between Worlds.»

As you explore the vast world, you will encounter various monsters and various situations.

While you search for your own answer, you will come in contact with various characters.

One of these people may become a companion that will help you on your journey.

Elaborate towns, and a peaceful land of pastel fields, farms and small lakes.

In addition


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Bringing together a large number of the relatively well known mythology of humans and Elves, creating an exciting fantasy game with drama and tension.
    • Using a gripping story and introduction of monsters, boldly portrayed through compelling characters.
    • Comprehensive equipment upgrading and creation systems in tandem with game mechanics, and providing strong synergy and an exciting game environment.
    • Providing a variety of online gameplay, allowing you to directly connect with other players, which is also a model in-between two persons.



    • Main Server – Main Content Server
    • Shanghai Server – Regional Content Server in the GT Asia Region
    • North America Server – Regional Content Server in the NA Region

    We will announce them and also release the server servers when the release date approaches. We will also announce the start date.

    Elden Ring Key features:

    • Elden Ring’s main feature is a deep multilayered story, accompanied by a sense of anxiety and excitement and a rich universe.
      • Using the characters of the Elden Ring universe, which are well known due to popular movies and books about the stories, and with characters that do not have sexual boundaries, unique to the mythology of humans and Elves, players will experience the system with a sense of surprise.
      • Creating a unique combination of the breadth and depth of fantasy stories, which has an emotion and sense of wonder.
      • For World War I 
        As it is a story of love between Humans and Elves, it makes the game atmosphere quite special that places the story


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        The new World of Elden Ring

        1. Rise, Tarnished

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        ※Blu-ray Disc/PC Game: A Blu-ray disc containing the original Japanese version. *Limited Edition: An exclusive item in Akihabara Radio’s poster series. The poster series will be released monthly, and its first batch of limited editions will be on sale from December 7, 2017. A world premiere movie is also planned to be screened in Japan, ahead of a foreign debut, in the future.
        CONDITION: Blu-ray disc contained within a 3-pack box.

        Approx. 33cm x 23cm * 34cm * 11cm * 23cm Contents:

        Blu-ray Disc PC Game *3-pack Box

        Deluxe Pack Case

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        Fate/Grand Order Refrain (Voiced by Miki Itou)

        Fate/Grand Order Refrain (Full Version) (Voiced by Yuuki Kaji)

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        Fate/Grand Order Diva Lilac (Printed in Silver)

        Fate/Grand Order Limited Edition Refrain (Voiced by Yuuki Kaji)

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        *Store Distribution Center Exclusive

        STORE DISTRIBUTION: Akihabara Radio Distribution Service Center

        STORE DISTRIBUTION CONDITIONS: The limited-edition Blu-ray discs and Fate/Grand Order Blu-ray disc will be available exclusively at Akihabara Radio’s Distribution Service Center in Akihabara, Tokyo from December 7, 2017 to March 27, 2018. The Fate/Grand Order Blu-ray disc and Fate/Grand Order Co-Existence Perf


        What’s new in Elden Ring:

        A sequel to Love Nero, which debuted on the iOS App Store in summer 2014.**

        Images of Setting


        So… You’re probably asking yourself…

        Why is Celestia going to be playable?!

        I’m not humanoid, I have no swords, and maybe you even have these problems with your characters before you decide to give me a weapon and… quite similar to dress-up clothes?

        I want to dress up with whatever I want!

        Also I wasn’t a God or Goddess or Hero (we said Hero once before), I am not human or I have to have this job or weapon of this thing, ah I will just be a unicorn’s rider and buy myself a dress because… I play Fantasy games!

        So what else?* 

        My character is a Knight. A fighter that protects and releases the fairies tied by chains with the powers of bravery, compassion, wisdom, and patience. A Knight of justice, dressed in the armor of the righteous, equipped with a legendary golden sword, I was strong in might and formidable in spirit.

        In the world built by cold laws and iron rules… there were only empty hopes and pitiful sermons of compassion.

        If you were afraid of being desperate in poverty, or self-destructive fear, perhaps the knight in a color of hope was serving as a reformer of a color of fate.

        I want to dress up with whatever I want. (Fierce Eyes)*

        Why not a Priestess, (Loba), a graceful lady of Amethyst and of crowns? Or maybe a Game Master & Maid? Wait… those two don’t have human forms. Choose why you can dress


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        How to use the crack

        After installing the game, you must have the crack.

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        After setting up the game properly, you can proceed to play the game.

        Note: If you have a virus, the game may detect that the virus is in the system and lock your PC. You may close the game and perform the tutorial again.

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      System Requirements:

      Windows 10 is a minimum system requirement for this plugin. You can still download the plugin, but it won’t work.
      Windows 10 is a minimum system requirement for this plugin. You can still download the plugin, but it won’t work. Minimum Hardware:
      Minimum Hardware:
      Windows 10 is a minimum system requirement for this plugin. You can still download the plugin, but it won�



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