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As the human that formed the unified body of Elden’s World, there is a destiny that the Warriors of the Ring must fulfill in order to restore peace to the planet.

You are a brand new Warrior, that has just arrived at the Capital, a mysterious fortress where powerful Elden Warriors and Lords reside.

Even as the gate to the Capital opens, you find yourself transported there.

Trapped in the Capital and surrounded by endless ominous monsters, the Capital is the world’s last hope.

You are now forced to fight for your survival.

Rewards and Achievements:

The Achievements and Rewards you will receive will be unique to your character. What you do in the game will determine what you will earn.



Hey everyone,

As previously announced, we will be holding a daily event on Friday, April 22nd!

Every day, you can queue up for one of four battle, and earn prize tickets for that day’s battle to use for the following day.

Each day, there will be an optional requirement, based on the day. For instance, on Friday, you can queue up to fight a boss enemy to earn Battle Cry Points, or fight to obtain Monster Tears.

The event will go on from 18:00 — 20:00 (GMT+9) everyday, from April 22nd, 12:00 pm — April 26th.

Join us to cheer on the Warriors of the Ring.


Monster Costumes!

Every Saturday, while we are in maintenance, we will be holding a costume sale! The costumes sold during these events will be of higher quality than the usual sale, so take a look at the details!

Fantasy Heroes

Costumes Available:

Bald — $0.99

Carrying Weapon — $1.99

Magic Weapon — $1.99

Black Flag — $2.49

Royal Flag — $2.49

Naked Mana — $2.49

Carrying Armor — $2.99


Items Available:

*While these items are sold during Saturday’s Costume Sale, they will not be available for you to purchase during the Saturday Fight Night.


Features Key:

  • Single Player Dungeon Exploration Battle
    Climb the mysterious Mountains of Ruin, forging a new path to the Lands Between and challenging the strong monsters hiding within.
  • Battle with Powerful Monsters
    Fight the various monster types while also playing as that type of monster.
  • Three different Classes plus Units
    Choose one of the three classes (Monk, Thief, Wizard), and then equip the units (heavy weapon, light weapon, armor, etc.) according to your play style. As a person, you can freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic.
  • Historical Setting
    Amidst the Elden Ring and the lands spread between, there are traces left by a once-great civilization.
    They performed the construction of a vast labyrinth to the east called the Forgotten Valley, a cavern to the south, and a cave system stretching to the west.
    Threatened by ancient monsters, time itself has been broken.
    You know the meaning of the phrase «Old, but with new power.» 
  • Rise in the World of Action and Find Varied Tasks
    Overcome a variety of challenges and increase your accumulated experience points while searching the new lands to reach Venerable Elden.
  • Create New Characters in This World Full of Unrealistic Possibilities
    Have your own style and play style, fully enjoy the dramatic story and enjoy the fantasy action game.
  • Fantasy Action Game Created Using Unreal Engine 4
  • Recommended Hardware:

    — Display: 1280 x 720 (16:9) or DUALS CAN SUPPORT MORE

    — Memory: 2GB

    — Processor: Intel Dual Core

    — HDD: 500GB OR MORE

    — Camera: BlueZ EE5

    * Note: Tarnished requires UE4 and above.

    Play it blindfolded and you will be surprised.



    Elden Ring Activation Key Download [32|64bit]

    How many of you have fond memories of playing Hero’s Journey when you were a kid? I first played it in high school and was immediately hooked. It’s a quintessential example of a good RPG. So in order to relive those memories I started playing Elden Ring by Bandai Namco.


    The game is a third-person fantasy RPG with a heavy emphasis on action. The game offers a 5.5 hour prologue to get you up to speed and then you’ll be given the freedom to create and customize your own character. It also includes multiple players in a single world, both local as well as through online connections. The game is getting a day one patch as of 10/2/17, and the day one patch is basically a very large update that will add a ton of content to the game.


    The game offers a lot of action oriented combat, similar to Devil May Cry, I even see some similar flow to Dark Souls 1 and 2. In this respect, I think that it was a wise decision to go with a third person perspective, as opposed to the forth person of its predecessor. It also opens up the door to more levels of movement, whereas you previously had to be stationary to attack. I also wish that the camera would zoom back in on the action when you’re in the thick of things.

    If that is not enough, the game also includes dual wielding and more. Players can switch between two different weapons that they equip at anytime. It is also possible to upgrade the weapons to increase their power levels. Another smart move was adding a second character slot for your party members, so that you can have a pair of twins, each with their own weapons, abilities, and powers.

    The environment is far from being static. The game has a much higher level of dynamic elements. A nearby dungeon can change, and parts of the area can become the focus of events. I was hoping that they’d add some of that type of gameplay to the original game, but I was slightly disappointed that they didn’t add more intricate character development and more character interaction.


    The game was graphically quite impressive on my PS4 Slim, although I do wish that the game was running at a higher resolution than 1080p. There are no framerate issues, but I did notice that on one occasion the game ran at a lower resolution than it should have been. It


    Elden Ring Crack + Activation Code PC/Windows [Latest-2022]

    Key Features:
    • Fine-tuned
    As with RPG Maker XIII, our in-house battle engine is tuned to make the battle feel deeply satisfying. This time, we’ve added a new system to make the turn-based battle also feel exciting and detailed. We’ve added cinematic animations to the battle to make the battle experience more exciting.
    • Grand Battles
    We’ve added the Grand Battle system to allow you to enjoy large-scale battles.
    • Actual Battles
    In the Grand Battles, the enemy will present various attack patterns to challenge the player. You will need to keep the enemy at bay by strategically using your advantages.
    • Powerful Actions that allow you to confirm your decision-making
    By using skill magic, you can perform actions in the battle that will help you form a decision in the battle.
    • Customization at the Ready
    You can equip a variety of powerful weapons and increase the potency of your equipment through skills learned in the game.
    • Acquire Skills with the Soul Collectors
    The magic skills that you can use in battle directly depend on the souls you have collected from defeating monsters. You can learn powerful magic by collecting the souls of various monsters, enabling you to encounter a variety of challenges in battle.
    • Unique Online Battle System
    Even when you are playing online, you can still engage in a high-quality battle against another player by linking your 2 screens at the same time.
    World of Heroes (2D Plane)
    You live in a world full of heroes. You are summoned by the Queen to fight in a grand battle. The Queen’s noblemen at the Elden Ring believe the true heroes are those who are prepared for all situations. The one to make it through the Elden Ring against all odds will win the Queen’s favor.
    The Land of Heroes
    After defeating a single enemy, you will be taken to a new world map. You can freely roam as you wish to explore the vast world of Heroes.
    But you can’t just wander anywhere. Some areas will have a specific hazard, which you must carefully navigate through.
    After your visit to the world of Heroes, you will take part in the Grand Battle.
    Grand Battle (3D Plane)
    The time has come. The enemy has made a sneak attack. You must defend yourself.
    At the moment of attack, your HP will decrease. It is important that you press the Attack button to quickly take down your enemies.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Recent Updates:
    ■ All the DLC Characters can now be used, no need to be able to complete the campaign of ‘Elden Ring Campaign’.
    ■ ‘Valoryt Shifting’ has been added to the 3rd Job Skill of Sorcerer, and now you can use Valoryt as a temporary class.
    ■ ‘Elden Ring Coercion’ has been added to the 3rd Job Skill of Sorcerer, and now you can use the ‘Elden Gate’ and ‘Elden Ring Morale’ on items in ‘Elden Gate Production Facility’.
    ■ ‘Sorceress 【エドン・ノーモス】’, ‘Wizard 【ウィザード・ノーモス】’, ‘Kwanderer 【クワンドラス】’, and ‘Galaphiliac【ガラフィリア】’ can now be summoned.
    ■ Added new Escort UI that informs you about changes in escorting amount and icon.
    ■ Added a slider to Alchemist Skill point system that allows you to select the number of points as you wish.
    ■ ‘High Ball System’ has been added as a way of obtaining power-ups; you can actually obtain them through automatic grinding.
    ■ ‘Equal Magic’ has been added as an option that you can set to super-charge your magic to become stronger.
    ■ Added a List mode for icon adjustment.
    ■ ‘Elden Ring Coercion’ and ‘Elden Ring Morale’ can now be reinforced through companion class leveling.
    ■ New supported Color tab has been added to the item properties that you can see in the trade window.
    ■ UI and details have been improved for the new items and characters.

    Battle System:
    ■ The Draw System is now highly adjustable.
    ■ The new 3D character portraits now allows for more convincing face expressions and greater depth in character details.
    ■ Action commands have been more easily performed.
    ■ Monsters have been given new more accurate actions and AI.
    ■ The damage-dealing conditions have been made smoother.

    ■ Prompted 3D background graphics have been added for easier navigation.
    ■ The text font size has been increased for increased ease of


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    6. If it’s running correctly, you can now play it.


    1. The game update will not be downloaded if you install and run it without unzipping and installing it first.

    2. If you already installed this game, disconnect your internet connection before updating it.

    3. If you’re using Microsoft Windows, you have to remove all unnecessary extensions in order to get rid of conflicts during update.

    4. The title of the game is in Korean.

    5. The game free download is for test purpose only.

    6. All trademarks used in this program are the property of their respective owners.



    Please add accurate details in your post to accurately answer.

    1. Fix bugs, especially improvement on the scripting system,

    2. Add the new online function,

    3. Update the music part.

    4. Update the game’s internal.

    5. Update the Auto-Save function to enable the safe save function.

    6. Fix some issues on the script and automatic saving.

    7. fix issues with some game modes.

    8. fix some issues on the script.

    9. fix some issues on the script.

    10. Add the new Elden Lord function.

    11. Add the new Tower Guard function.

    12. Add the new event function.

    13. Add the new online function.

    14. Add the new online function.

    15. Add the new World Map function.

    16. Add the new online function.

    17. Add the new attribute for weapon items.

    18. Add the new attribute for the Magic items.

    19. Add the new attribute for the Armor items.



    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Unzip and Install the Crack
  • How To Register & Crack:

    • Click on Download Crack Setup and Run Setup.exe as Admin

    How To Play:

    • Select Key and Click ROOM
    • Click The Game and Click Load Game From Local Area Network
    • Select the Directory and Press Enter
    • Click Start and Wait Until the Loading is Completed
    • Breath a Sigh of Relief

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