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First released in 2011, Grania and the Elden Ring 2 is a free online RPG that currently has over 12 million registered users. With thanks to the overwhelming success of Grania and the Elden Ring 2, the number of registered users has increased dramatically, and the new sequel is currently in the planning stage and will be released on August 30.

With the sequel, «Grania and the Elden Ring 3,» we are aiming to raise the level of play by implementing a variety of innovations. Also, after the release of «Grania and the Elden Ring 3,» we plan to continue to develop the sequel, and further enhance the existing content, allowing more players to experience the Rui Tibo-creations. The goal is to have the game continue to mature and grow so that we can provide even more exciting and varied content.

If you would like to know more about «Grania and the Elden Ring 3,» please refer to our official website:

Official website:

Thank you.

Official Twitter: @ruite_ring

Official Facebook:


© 2015 Grania

© 2014-2015 Rui TIPO/PICOTANGUY

© 2014-2015 GraniaQ:

Would you be happy with this salary as Junior Engineer?

To clarify up front, I am not asking about money, I am asking about the role of a junior engineer.

On paper, my offer has $65,000 plus benefits.
In reality, what I probably should have offered was ~$40k plus benefits
This would make the difference to me of $25k

The person in question works in the NYC area.
The amount of time it would take to reach $40k is likely more than the
$25k it takes to get to $65k.
Would you have been happy with that job offer as a junior engineer?
Assuming I had not been a very good engineer the first time, I would want to learn more and get better over time.


It depends on what you expected the $25K a year to cover, in terms of the value of the role to you.
First, it depends on what $40K means, in terms of «the


Features Key:

  • Multiplayer RPG action game, from which you can freely communicate by text or voice with any of your friends.
  • Drag-and-drop online battles that allow you to directly switch weapons with a simple click and can be enjoyed by any number of players.
  • Multiplayer adventure story with an all-new combat system in which you have to not just battle your enemies, but put your words into play in order to move the plot forward in the online version.
  • Character customization and portrait change that gives you a total freedom of play style when combining weapons and armor.
  • Story of the Lands Between, the Brand new fantasy tale

    The story takes place in the Lands Between, an ideal, enlightened world that is generally separated from the real world. Seeing its wealth of harvests, bravely wandering knights and splendid cathedrals, the Lands Between has become a land in which the weary warrior is more than ever called home.
    Yet there is a great imbalance in wealth. Traditional kingdoms, wealthy in the metal and spices they trade, have spread like a barren desert across the Land Between. After the golden age of civilization was wiped out by the great war and barbarian incursion of ancient times, some parts of the vast world fell into complete desolation, and now lie mostly under the storied Cloud of Snow.

    Rich Equipment and Magic

    As one of the chosen, an heir to a kingdom loaded with both riches and guarded by powerful legendary weapons, take up arms to increase your strength. Adorn yourself with eccentric armor and use powerful magical equipment to become a mighty warrior!

    Exciting Battling System and Optional Multiplayer

    The game is set up to be the definitive fantasy RPG action game by combining exciting combat with a social network element. The game is able to play your words and resolve battles by utilizing an asynchronous multiplayer system that allows you to match up with friends.
    While you play in single player, you can battle against powerful bosses in dungeons with a revolutionary battle system that makes the duty of dungeon troving feel like a brand new RPG.

    Further Feelings


    Elden Ring Download [Win/Mac]


    Acebox: A Great Action RPG Playable Offline

    Acebox is an awesome action RPG which can also be played offline. The

    story is about battling a dark lord while the main character travels

    between the land of the living and the land of the dead.

    Grymoire: We Love Acebox

    The graphics are simplistic yet beautiful, but it has a nice game

    down and considering its age. The game can be played offline as well,

    which adds a bit more depth, especially on the side of strategy, as

    you can collect new weapon, armor, and items while playing.

    RPG Classics

    Top RPG

    Worth the Price

    — Action RPG

    — Offline Play

    — Interesting Viewpoints and Characters

    A game like Acebox has not been seen in years. This Action-RPG style

    game offers a lot of gameplay in a very short time. The game is easy to

    learn, yet difficult to master. A simple story, but one that is filled

    with unusual twists and memorable characters. The game is a real

    gem. Top Rated by Users

    RPG Classics

    Top RPG

    Best Tactical Game

    — Asynchronous

    — Free Roam

    — A Lot of Things to Do

    • Beautiful and

    • Highly Intriguing

    • Good Game For Everyone

    Usually I don’t recommend buying this type of game, but it’s just that

    good. You will want to give this game a shot if you like strategy games

    and reading.

    RPG Classics

    Top RPG


    — The top classic RPG in the original PlayStation era

    — The Character’s Story is interesting and helps immerse you in the game

    — A Real Role-Playing Game

    There are two sides to the story of Tarnished, the protagonist of

    Acebox. On the one hand, she is an ordinary person who is leading a

    normal life. But her destiny as a heroic paladin awaits her. Her fate

    is to recover the lost Sacred Elden Stone that she must return it to the

    Elden King before he becomes possessed by the evil Ardok and becomes

    the leader of the dark forces. And Tarnished, guided by


    Elden Ring Crack +

    Elden Ring character creation is now available.
    Create your own character! Choose whether you will be a melee-oriented or magic-oriented character.

    Elden Ring character setup selection

    Character customization

    You can change your voice and facial features. Additionally, you can change your voice, facial expressions, hair style and hairstyle, and facial hair.

    Character customization

    Elden Ring battle

    A new quick battle system has been added, allowing you to easily enjoy special events.

    Elden Ring battle

    Skill Use

    The game’s skill use system has been reworked.

    Elden Ring battle

    Elden Ring story

    The game’s story continues to be told in beautiful, genuine voice and through a variety of events.

    Elden Ring story


    By collecting potential points, you will be able to level up and enhance your skills.


    Elden Ring Battle Tutorial

    Elden Ring prologue

    Elden Ring Battle

    Those who create characters can now select, among characters already existing, characters for their parties.

    Elden Ring War Trial BGM

    Elden Ring War Trial PGM

    War Trials are events in which the player challenges other players. The participants are provided with the standard stats of Elden Ring characters and the archetypical weapon chosen at the start of the trial. In the event of a battle, both parties battle for 1 minute and you will be rewarded for victorious battles. The rewards for victorious battles are summarized as follows.

    1st place: 200 potential points

    2nd place: 150 potential points

    3rd place: 100 potential points

    4th place: 50 potential points

    War Trials can be held on the 2nd floor of the Field Note.

    Game versions:

    •Story Version

    The game includes main story chapters 1-4.

    •If you finish the game, you will be able to access an extended story.

    •If you finish the extended story, new events will continue and new content will be added.

    •If you finish the extended story, the following contents will appear:

    •Elden Ring death quest will become available

    •Free other medals will be added

    •Other content that cannot be experienced in the extended


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    ■ Expanded Viewpoint Behind the Scenes

    New characters, a significantly expanded cast, an additional scenario, and an enhanced weapon system have been added to expand the intensity of the game world.
    The Story of an Epic Dilemma
    Loreal went to the ancient Shandora kingdom to pledge his service to Shandora as he learned of the tragedy that disturbed Loreal’s father-in-law, Taurove.
    Loreal soon witnessed the terrible deeds perpetrated by the evil king Horide. Desiring revenge on the king, Loreal swore to fight him.
    In the midst of Horide’s evil exploits, a wise man known as the Wise Elden Gods appeared, offering Loreal and his allies of the magic called “Elden Ring.”
    King Horide was vanquished in battle, and Loreal became the first person to wield the power of the Elden Ring.
    Loreal and his allies quelled the Helga invasion and then turned their attention to defeating Andario, the deadly father of Horide.
    Finally, Loreal was declared king of the Land Between.
    From Epic to Multilayered Adventure
    Loreal and his allies are able to freely move between the real world and the Lands Between.
    As the strategy of the battles changes depending on the country you play, the level of planning required grows.
    Unlike most fantasy adventure RPGs, the battles between Loreal and his allies are acrobatic and full of drama.
    The stage is set as Loreal and his allies confront the monstrous “Elden Giant.”
    While Loreal runs back and forth, he gradually develops a plan to fight with the giant.
    The unparalleled graphics present new values in various aspects, such as presenting the grand scale and elegant colors in a lively, living Land Between.
    Added Contents
    • The number of attack variations at high levels have increased.
    • New equipment has been added, such as a yeti mask and a powerful suit of armor.
    • The number of spells and special attacks has increased. You will be able to learn powerful magical effects, such as summoning powerful monsters, increased power when casting magic, and increased physical capability.
    • Further customization has been implemented, such as a combination of the new armor and the appearance.
    • Expanding the Item System
    Loreal and his allies each have a magic ring called the “Ring of Expansion.


    Free Download Elden Ring Product Key Full [Win/Mac]

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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

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  • Play the game.
  • Uninstall the game and dispose of all unnecessary files.
  • Copy “eggpatch.exe” into that game’s directory and run it.
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