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Unable to find the app you wanted? This service provides you with a fast and easy way to search for apps in the Google Play store. Browse through various categories like social, games, travel or productivity.
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With SnapPea, if you want to create an account and register, or if you want to update your Google Play account, you don’t need to worry. We’ve integrated many of the most popular social networks, letting you sign in with Facebook or Google.

SnapPea will never sell your personal data. We never share your email address or any other private information with anyone. Also, you can stop receiving daily notifications at any time from us.
SnapPea Privacy policy:

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SnapPea Crack + Free Download [Win/Mac] [Latest-2022]

• View and back up data from your Android phones.
• View and manage files on your Android phones from Windows PC.
• View and backup the data from the SD card.
• Send messages directly from your phone.
• View contacts, data and emails from your Android phone.
• View your photos, audio, contacts, messages, videos and ringtones.
• View and back up all installed apps.
• View and install apps from the Android Market.
• Manage music, videos, music and photo albums.
• Send SMS via your Android phone.
• View your favorite music, photos, emails, contacts and video in one place.
• Copy and paste files, images and app data to the computer or phone.
• View and install apps directly from the Market on Android phones.
• Create a back up of your Android phone.
• This download contains a “sandbox” component. This means that the software is able to run in an isolated environment on the computer. This is mostly due to Google’s security policy and the fact that many malware and virus infections spread thanks to clicking on malicious websites, or visiting questionable pages.
• SnapPea is a completely free and doesn’t require any registration.
• SnapPea is compatible with most Windows versions. The tool is available as a portable program.

6. Google+ SMS – Manage SMS

Google+ SMS is the most highly rated texting app which lets you manage your SMS messages, replies and text messages from your Google+ profile. If you are an android user, you will be able to text messages using your Google+ account on your android. If you have a Google account and an android device, all you have to do is open the ‘Google+’ app, select ‘Messages’ and the messages that you have received, sent or read through your Google+ profile will appear. Right from the app, all you have to do is ‘Reply’ or ‘Send’ to the person’s phone number or email address by simply adding the person’s contact to the ‘People to Add’ list.
The app is updated frequently to introduce new features that you can use to manage your SMS messages. However, before using it, it is highly recommended that you read the whole of the terms and conditions displayed at the bottom of the ‘Settings’ menu.
Features of Google

SnapPea Crack +

As a user, you will probably have to deal with a bunch of different devices and apps all over the day. Keeping everything in order is a major challenge. But using Snap Pea you can backup your personal information. This way, you can restore it if something happens to your mobile phone. You can also synchronize your contacts across your devices like your Android smartphone and your PC. Also, Snap Pea will help you download the apps that you want straight from your Android device to your computer.
Features of Snap Pea:

Cloud backup for Android devices: Snap Pea will save your contacts and other data in a cloud server. You can then use it on any other device you own, or even share it with other family members and even friends.
Backup your contacts, contacts apps and your apps: Snap Pea will manage your contacts including managing when to backup them, and the process is also simple and intuitive.
Backup your apps: This also allows you to manage your apps in a simple and intuitive way. You can also share them and sync your app lists across your different devices.
Backup your apps and media: Snap Pea is great for your multimedia as well. It will save your music and videos on a cloud server and then you can restore them. It is very simple to do this with Snap Pea, and the whole process is very safe and secure.

Control your Android smart phone from your PC and access everything you need from your computer. Snap Pea is a computer application that works with your Android phone. Snap Pea is the best and one of the most wanted backup tool for Android. You can now sync files from your Android phone to the computer and vice versa. Android phones have many various features and functions so it’s also great to know more about them.
How it works:
Snap Pea will help you sync your contacts, SMS messages, call logs, game scores, contacts, music, notes, and others from your Android phone to the computer. To sync your Android phone to the computer, simply connect the device to a free port on your PC or laptop computer. It will then ask you to install the application on your phone, and it will create a special folder on your computer. After that, you have to copy some files and folders from this folder to your computer. When this is done, the application will work as a desktop manager for your Android device and provide you with all the essential features.

SnapPea is the

What’s New In SnapPea?

Simple and intuitive interface

The program has a simple interface and a clean layout, as it encompasses a navigation panel and a pane in which to display the selected information, along with a few other buttons.

All of this means that this program should be easy to figure out by all users. Moreover, comprehensive and well-organized Help contents ensure that even the most inexperienced individuals can handle SnapPea.

View all files and info about your phone, and create a backup

Once the phone is connected to the computer via data cable or Wi-Fi, you are granted access to the entire data collection on the device, including messages, contacts, photos, music and videos.

An image of the device is displayed on the app’s interface, along with details regarding the status of the internal memory and of the SD card. It is possible to create a backup of all files straight to the computer.

Send messages, edit contacts and manage apps from your phone

The program also grants you a way to modify the ringtone, notification and alarm sound straight from the main window.

You may also view the entire list of contacts from the phone and even edit them by adding phone numbers, e-mail addresses, website and other details. The text messages can be viewed as well and, while the device is connected, new ones can be sent.

It’s also possible to view the apps that are installed on the device and manage them, as well as the music files, pictures and videos on the computer. These can be copied to the computer in a few simple steps.

SnapPea is an efficient piece of software, dedicated to both power and novice users due to the simple and intuitive interface. The computer’s performance is not going to be burdened and our tests did not register any kind of issues such as hangs, errors or crashes.

The program is a simple system for managing data of your device from any computer. In this way, you won’t have to worry about the files of the smartphone, as SnapPea will assist you in understanding all of them and in sending, sending or editing them.

SnapPea is a simple, intuitive and easy to use application that allows users to manage data of the Android devices. Apart from being incredibly easy to use, the program has a clean and simple look that allows for quick and easy access to the chosen items.

The program has a simple layout.


System Requirements For SnapPea:

Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows 8.1 (32-bit or 64-bit), or Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Minimum of Intel Core i3-2115, Intel Core i5-2410M, Intel Core i5-2630M or AMD A8-5500
AMD Radeon R4-260X/RX, AMD Radeon R5-260X/RX, AMD Radeon R7-260X/RX
8 GB RAM (minimum 6GB is highly


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