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The world you live in, the world you die in, is full of secrets. Discover them in the first spiritual successor to Dwarf Fortress!
Godus: The Boneyard is a 3D sandbox game where YOU play the roles of gods. Imagine creating planets with purpose. Create civilizations that create more civilizations, and change the laws of physics forever. Be a nomad, a builder, a fisherman, or a god. Play in sandbox or campaign, and choose what path you want to take.
— Adventure Mode: Explore randomly generated landscapes and change their history. Build unique cities, farms, and temples. Discover secrets, fight creatures, and explore the lands around you. Be sure to look for neat items when you dig or dig for neat items when you’re looking!
— Campaign Mode: Play in one of four unique worlds, each with its own special campaign. Uncover their history and discover what they’re hiding.
— Sandbox Mode: Choose any map and any character. Choose what’s best for you. You can plant fields of potatoes or live in the mountains. Build roads, and watch how they change the world. Dig and dig for the best items you find.
— Multiplayer: Connect with other players using dedicated servers. Play for free or bet on the world’s largest multiplayer fantasy card game.
Godus: The Boneyard is a 3D game. It uses the Unity game engine, and is available on PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad. This is a free game!
Visit Gamecom’s video section on YouTube:

About The Game Castle on the Coast:
You can go back to the days of the past, or get ready to try your hand in the “New Grandfathtr”. The adventure of the elderly. Castle on the Coast: The Adventures of the Old Kingdom is a tough platformer with perfect controls that will keep you at the edge of your seat!
Journey through the time with the protagonist, Thoth, who is going back in time to find the key to the “New Grandfather’s” Time Machine. Tread carefully through the traps and obstacles that are waiting for you in the dark rooms of this old castle. Jump, slide, jump, slide, jump, arrow that will save you from the rampaging monsters who are determined to bring you down. The game features 4 bosses that you�



  • Copyright 2018 Tian Xia Corporation All rights reserved
  • www.tianxia.cn
  • Engage in a battle between the Earth Defense Force and Hilda. When the polluted skies and the earth’s oceans become saturated with iron, the enormous reefs of iron appear, leading to the formation of gigantic waves and rains of massive iron. The Earth Defense Force launches a complete assault through 3D spaces!

    Listen to the heart and mind of the Hilda, a warrior-mekki heroine! Battle through 3D levels, and defeat the Iron Rain! Along the way, you will come across Iron Men and other giant meks!

    A giant 3D action game set in the world where iron is king!4.1- Set BundleIdeal for any professional gamer—enjoy your best fighting game with the complete game-sharing function.Adopt 4.1 as a platform to update the game.4.0- Update Note:
    1. Reduce power consumption consumption, improve stability, your gameplay experience.
    2. Added the icon of level selection function.3. Optimized UI.4. Optimized battle system and weapon effect
    5. Optimized textures.6. Map information.
    7. Add more wizard game-sharing content and improve the game.
    8. Update game cards and the game-sharing function of blocks, it is generally recommended that users updated the game blocks, let the update process proceed.
    If you have players who take advantage of the function of share, please refer to the actual usage of the game hall to spread the word.5. Major update of the game new update
    Full Game System Settings

    Creating the Earth Defense Force


    1. The player choose a role in the army of the Earth Defense Force: a super mek, strategist or warrior.
    2. Be an Earth Defense Force member to challenge Hilda with his amazing mekki.
    3. Make friends and play among members of Earth Defense Force and Hilda.
    4. </


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      Fantasy Grounds V8 is a powerful and flexible tool for creating and running your own adventures, keeping track of your campaign’s history, collaborating on a shared narrative, and even exporting your settings to other tabletop games.
      Pathfinder: Kingmaker is a full-featured Character and NPC creation tool.
      Pathfinder Chronicles is the innovative setting created by Fantasy Flight Games for Pathfinder: Kingmaker and utilizes large format maps to help set the scene for your game.
      Pathfinder Chronicles: Guide to Darkmoon Vale is a full-color, screen-accurate sourcebook for the Pathfinder: Kingmaker campaign setting. This regional sourcebook for the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting features a complete description of the towns, villages and dungeons that inhabit the treacherous Darkmoon Vale, a more extreme version of the treacherous Swamp of Silt and Mud that serves as the surrounding area of the Pathfinder Chronicles setting. The adventure guide for Darkmoon Vale is a great resource for players and game masters alike, allowing you to quickly and easily fill in the blanks of the official source material for Darkmoon Vale, the original source of Pathfinder Chronicles. This adventure guide contains the following features:
      More than 90 encounters (encounter rolls are included for both parties as well as a full house icon)
      Maps of Darkmoon Vale, Falcon’s Hollow and the Droskar’s Crag areas (including key encounters) and the Dwarven Ruins
      Short adventure modules for Falcon’s Hollow and the Droskar’s Crag areas
      Treasure parcels for each area
      Notes about the danger and dangers in the area
      Pathfinder Chronicles: Guide to Darkmoon Vale is an exact replica of the sourcebook with all the original artwork in place, with the only difference being that all the «Pathfinder Chronicles:» text has been converted to pathfinderChronicles: Darkmoon Vale.

      * More than 90 encounters (encounter rolls are included for both parties as well as a full house icon)

      * Maps of Darkmoon Vale, Falcon’s Hollow and the Droskar’s Crag areas (including key encounters) and the Dwarven Ruins

      * Short adventure modules for Falcon’s Hollow and the Droskar’s Crag areas

      * Treasure parcels for each area

      * Notes about the danger and dangers in the area

      B&W Version:

      Pathfinder Chronicles: Guide to Darkmoon Vale is an exact replica of the sourcebook with all the original artwork in place, with the only difference being that all the «Path


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      “4, 3, 2, 1… Move!” is a simple 2D top-down puzzle game in which you have to build continuous chains from the dots which fall down to the bottom of the screen. Your game consists of adding a single dot (a brick) to the currently selected dot in such a way that the chain becomes longer and longer. You have to think of the right time to add the bricks in order to maximize the size of the chain and make the game as easy as possible for you. Simply tap and drag the dots that you want to add and create chains to your liking!

      Do you love Sudoku? If so then Sudoku and Blocks game is just what you are looking for.

      A classic puzzle game has returned!

      The game consists of a grid of square boxes and a large box in the middle. You have to fill the empty boxes in order to complete the grid.

      There are two modes of play, you can either use a 9×9 grid or a 7×7 grid. The game can be played by one or two players.

      The best scoring puzzle game of 2017.


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      “Yet another surprising sequel. This time though, if you are familiar with the genre you will enjoy it very much. The graphics are pretty and the gameplay is simple, while the game is quite easy to master. Keep on playing and you will enjoy the puzzles.”

      “I liked the game very much. To make the game short, this game needs more memory, but it is a very good memory game.”

      “Great! A great game with a very nice and clear concept.”


      You can play this game on your tablet, computer or smartphone.

      Please use the links below to visit the official game page on our website:

      (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android tablets and mobile phones, Windows Phone and Symbian devices).

      (Web Browser)


      Please help to support us by rating the game 5 stars!

      Thank you!


      What’s new in SOLAR BATTALION:

        (A Buddy and Roger Agent Adventure)

        Stealing stories from the record collection of a favorite author is quick on the finger, but also a bit of fun.

        Can a pair of agents help a friend fix up his new domicile without compromising their work on the actual record to steal one from?

        A partner was given an assignment by an infamous international hitman and assassin, Martin Spyder. Targeting Buddy for his skills as a wall street specialist and scam artist, Spyder plots a multi-million dollar con to convince Buddy to invade and then leave the family orphanage of Bingen, Germany for his new, unspecified, life in America.

        Buddy and Spyder arrange to swap the families records this week at an event at the hospital. Buddy manages to arrange for the invitation to be trumped up to some more intimate gathering in a private room. Dave the Droplifter’s old friend the black hat, Roger, has his son Mike on the job to page Buddy late at night and return messages without his unaware father and the mob knowing anything. Bekind and Lisa arrive at the hospital just in time to claim the file while Buddy attempts to finalize the adoption with the hospital doc.

        Spyder initially acts surprised and angry at Buddy’s insistence to leave his lifelong fort behind. Buddy mentions he has another family he wants to protect, and Spyder is suspicious, as they have never known Buddy to have siblings. Buddy reveals his past is a long held secret for more reasons than one. He claims the only way his new family can make a new life in America is for him to leave behind his natural life for adoption. The hospital is eager to help make that dream come true. In exchange for a payment of $1,300,000, Buddy will report back in six weeks to his domicile in Germany, deliver the records and pack his things. He and his new family can have this very party at which his adopted family can decorate his new home as they see fit. Buddy can visit them for six weeks and then wire the money. The adoption becomes final when he has time to go to Germany and sign and notarize the paperwork.

        Spyder informs the hospital that Buddy will be traveling to Germany to sign up for the adoption. Buddy will also be traveling to Japan to make his fortune in the Wall Street economy there. It is for both of their benefit, he promises. He will request that his family prepare his new home to meet his needs


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        A new RPG-enhanced racing adventure set in a dynamic open world with fun and dynamic gameplay. Powerful characters, rich interaction with the environment and mythical creatures, and a deepening story.


        The player controls the young girl Persephone, who sets out on a dangerous journey to find her mother, kidnapped by the evil god Hades. Persephone must venture into a magical underworld, where the players’ actions determine the fate of a world that has fallen under a shadow of darkness. The game begins with an opening cinematic that follows the story line of the original game and then allows the player to explore the world, interact with characters, solve puzzles and seek revenge in this brand new RPG-enhanced racing game.

        Game Features

        An open world unlike any other: Play as Persephone and explore a captivating world in a completely different sense of “open world”. The game provides a fresh way of approaching the genre, with a world that’s full of surprises and interaction between the player and the environment.

        Constant playability: The dynamic open-world gameplay is accessible for every player and allows for multiple different experiences, including travelling by boat, roller coaster and on foot. There are over 70 vehicles including trucks, cars, boats and jetskis to obtain.

        Play on your way: Maintain your budget and stay true to your racing style while competing against 64 rivals and 50 tournament events. Get online and play with friends, using the online-multiplayer mode for a truly expansive gaming experience.

        Race with myths: Accelerate through stunts on motorcycles, take on Hydra in a boat, become a sea god and control Poseidon, and much more. Make your way through all-new mythical races with an unforgettable storyline, diverse characters and a variety of mythical creatures.

        Dynamic battles: Challenge opponents in all-new rival races, in which you can capture the paths on sea and roads, and in which you can choose your ideal opponents and opponents. Experience the full feature in this game’s battles.

        Brand new music and sound effects: Using the renowned composer and sound designer of the original game, PowerPlays! returns to present an exciting soundtrack with brand new themes. A variety of different sound effects are used to provide all the game characters with unique sounds, as well as drive vehicles in all their infinite varieties.

        Shop Update

        Playable Sharks and Sea-Cows Among the Line Up

        Sharks and sea-


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