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. Buy Business Plans Essentials: Now you see why. The best way to build your business ideas and dreams into financial action is with a well-written, well-thought-out business plan.An Indian woman who was allegedly murdered by her lover while the police and media ignored it, has led to a debate across the country on the way crimes of male sexual abuse and violence against women are handled.

Ranjana Kumari, 39, a former student leader and activist, died in mysterious circumstances on Friday after being assaulted and murdered.

Her alleged killer, Gaurav Kumar, also known as Amit Verma, was arrested after her body was found in a rented flat in the Indian capital.

Key points: Ranjana Kumari died after being assaulted and murdered in Delhi in September

Ranjana Kumari died after being assaulted and murdered in September Police initially said she died of natural causes

Police initially said she died of natural causes The Delhi High Court dismissed several defamation suits against Ranjana Kumari

She had been reported missing by her family last Wednesday night after she returned from work with a colleague, and was found dead later that day.

The police initially said she died of a heart attack.

But her family have since claimed she was murdered after she returned from work with a colleague and Mr Verma, who was also a co-worker at the Delhi-based NGO ‘Surya’, where she was the honorary general secretary, had called her the previous day.

Mr Verma, who was originally from Odisha, was later arrested, and a case of murder was filed against him.

The High Court today rejected several defamation suits that were filed against Ms Kumari, saying that it was obvious Mr Verma had murdered her for her activism against violence against women.

Who was killed?

Ranjana Kumari, 39, was known for her work on women’s issues in India. ( Supplied )

She founded Surya, an organisation that promoted woman’s empowerment, and in 2014, won the Ramon Magsaysay Award, Asia’s equivalent of the Nobel Prize.

She was also known for her work on ending violence against women.

The Delhi High Court

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This communication describes a one-pot two-step method for the synthesis of spiroindenes in which aminocatalysis is employed as an efficient, low-cost, and green catalyst in the first step and HCl/MeOH in the second step. The catalyst is inexpensive and inactive toward two different electrophiles in the first step as well as in the second step. Moreover, the reaction can be run in a solvent-free system. Aniline (1.0-10 mol%) has been employed as the catalyst. non in the formulae (I) and (II) set forth hereinbefore.
(2) Z may be CH or N, X is CH or N.
(3) W, Y, Z, X, M, n and m are as set forth in the formula (I) set forth hereinbefore.
(4) B, Bxe2x80x2, R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6 and n are as set forth in the formula (II) set forth hereinbefore.
(5) W, Y, Z, X, n and m are as set forth in the formula (II) set forth hereinbefore.
(6) W, Y, Z, X, M, n and m are as set forth in the formula (II) set forth hereinbefore.
The present invention will be further described by way of the following examples:
The following compounds were prepared for the following examples:
(1) Compound of formula (II) where R1, R2, R3, R4 and Bxe2x80x2 are alkyl, aryl or aralkyl and R5, R6 and W are alkyl were prepared following the procedure in example 1.
(2) Compound of formula (I) where W, Y, Z, X, R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, B, Bxe2x80x2, and n are

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