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Hack-n-Slash Roguelike Action game with 5 levels and a story.
Deep fantasy with action and platformer.
Customize your abilities and beat your foes.
Addictive and challenging gameplay.
Easy to get into but hard to master.
About The Developer:
I am Guillem, a 20 year-old developer from Barcelona.
When I was 14 I started to play games and, ever since then, I’ve been addicted to them.
I started to learn coding on my own in order to create games, and i remember trying to create a game in Game Maker for a few years.
That was my first game.
Nowadays I’m mainly focused in making roguelites because I love the concept and I can make really cool and fun stories with them.

published:15 Feb 2016


Hi! I have added a fun new game! The Anime of the Week in Hack n Slash Roguelike Game! This game was made for Windows 7 and Windows 8!
After the furious combat the orc wakes up in a beautiful kingdom with a huge tower. Although the people in the town look lovely and it seems as if they are friendly, there is a reason the orc was locked up and why he has to hide in this castle.
The King and the entire town are under the control of the master hacker who has locked up the orc. The hacker is looking for power and plans to steal the orc’s immense power. The orc, however, is more powerful than he looks and with his great magic he will protect the village from the hacker’s attacks!

published:08 Aug 2014


hi guys. i made a hack and slash rpg Game that you can play in your web browser. it’s free so check it out if you wish.
the game is called PajamaDemonOnline and you can get it here:

answer all the questions totally legit! i will be checking all the answers so dont give wrong answers, i used an app called answer apps to check ALL the answers. Hope you enjoy the game!!
and enjoy the parkour 😀

How to Fix Gives up Pressing the Left Mouse Button and Pressing The Right Mouse Button at The Same Time Pressing The Left Mouse Button And Pushing The Right Mouse Button

published:22 Jan 2018



Spoils Of Plunder Features Key:

  • Explore a large, beautifully crafted world in a wide variety of environments, from snowy mountains and urban centers to fantastical fantasy, underwater, and more.
  • Travel by foot, snowshoe, canoe, or boat and explore hidden parts of the world.
  • Discover hundreds of items for acquiring and crafting
  • Accessible gameplay and dungeons which span multiple difficulty levels, and many hours of game play. There is something for everyone!
  • Beautiful, hand drawn animations and incredible sound effects
  • Replay the stories of many characters from the original game
  • Puzzles, characters, and music that reminds you of the 80s game culture


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Steam Page:

Key Features:

3d Environment

Realistic Graphics

Awesome Soundtrack

Original Story

All you have to do is reach the flag for the day!

There is a lot of water in the sea and you have to find out what is behind it and why they are doing this to us.

So come with me and help me to understand why they want to turn us into the sea.


Watery ride

Original story

Storyline and originality

Realistic feeling environment

3d graphics

Awesome soundtrack

Replayability (world is not randomly generated)

Difficulty level

Extremely smooth gameplay

Controls are easy to grasp

Choose the gameplay that fits you best

Original Background Story (no narration!)

Repetition Mode

Easy mode

Hard mode

Combo mode

Online Mode

Boss Mode

Over 100 levels

Over 5 hours of gameplay (100 levels)

Tutorial to help you at the beginning

Easy to find the solutions to the problems

Directional Controls

Character customization

Online Rating System

Awesome Soundtrack

Aim Mode

You are riding a huge whale who swims through the ocean. The goal is to reach the flag that is at the other side.

During the journey, you will find different obstacles like landings and other crabs. Your whale has a big motor so it can get through these obstacles easier.

The grip can be lifted by pressing the button in the right side. Every button pushes your whale a little bit forward.

Everytime your whale touches the landings, you will take damage. To avoid the damages, you have to keep steering your whale through them, aiming for the sharks.

Don’t worry about the sharks because they will not try to eat you. What you should be worried about is the landings.

You will have to make sure that your whale can avoid the landings.

Character customization

You can choose from different skins.

Every skin has different colors and you can choose the one you like the most.

You can also pick what kind of hair you want to have.

You can also pick between different eyes.

You can choose between a


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1 hour opening sequence,12 scenes (3 4 hours, 7 1/2 hours)
PSA: If you’ve seen this film, I really want you to play this game. Cheers!We are just building the game but we have finished 5 acts and around 10 battle scenes. We are working on it constantly and we are already in an open beta, waiting for more feedback. When the game is released we will support this version for at least 2 years.we hope you can play this game as it’s meant to be played.Contact us if you want to find out more:thomas@holywall.cc, masterthomas@holywall.cc (gamemaker questions, updates, etc)

All your need are available in our store.
Please allow 1 to 3 working days for the delivery of each product.

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What’s new in Spoils Of Plunder:

    (The Simpsons)

    «The Janitor» is the twelfth episode of the 18th season of The Simpsons, and the 526th episode of the series overall. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on April 11, 2007. In the episode, Bart believes that high school janitor Mr. Krabappel (voiced by Dan Castellaneta) looks like Frank Vincent. When Bart goes to meet him, he finds that he is a much nicer person, helped by the Flanders, and the two become good friends. Meanwhile, Lisa has a memorable teacher, and Maggie causes problems at Maggie’s Daycare.

    «The Janitor» was written by Steve Padnick, and directed by Mark Kirkland. It was the second time Padnick wrote an episode for the season; he wrote «Bart vs. Australia», which was the first anniversary episode and appeared on the same DVD as this episode. The episode featured Ian Conrich as Mr. Krabappel, Nelson Mandela as himself, and Hank Azaria as a failed actor named Frank.

    «The Janitor» was the final episode of the show for former show-runner Mike Scully; he had left the show after writing 10 episodes during the 16th season. It was also the first episode to be produced by Jon Vitti, who became show-runner at the end of the season. «The Janitor» was watched by 9.66 million viewers, and received positive reviews from critics, with several praising Hank Azaria as Eddie Munster.

    In Springfield Elementary, Bart walks past a picture of the janitor, Mr. Krabappel (voiced by Dan Castellaneta), and finds that he has a great singing voice and likes animation. The next day, Bart takes a personality test, and receives a personality model with the words «Me likes The Simpsons and I like going to school, Sam. Ding dong.» Bart then walks into a store, and the store displays a «Mr. Krabappel doll», which Bart believes resembles Mr. Krabappel. Bart wishes he had Mr. Krabappel, and goes to meet him at his apartment. Mr. Krabappel is a regular person, and not actually a janitor. He tells Bart that he has been a good person ever since he married Nilda, so he decided to become a good person just to appease Nilda. Bart is more disappointed than ever, and leaves


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    Depression The Game is a challenging action/adventure game with a very dark atmosphere. Inspired by a true life story, Depression is an intense psychological thriller with an impressive soundtrack. Depression is about a lost woman (Melissa) searching the streets of Prague for a wealthy man (Hans) whom she thinks she’s in love with. On her way to Hans’s apartment, she discovers a room filled with an endless nightmare of unimaginable violence. The room gives her the chance to find out what happened to Hans, but in the process she slowly starts to lose it, her sanity, and even her life. Depression is a very challenging game and you will have to think with your head and not just with your heart.When you are finished with the game, you can go to the forum to add a review of your experience with Depression.


    #1 Gothic atmosphere

    #2 Exploration

    #3 Darkness

    #4 Hand-drawing style

    #5 UI/UX inspired by 90s PC games

    Additional information:

    GENERAL:Sensible application code of Finnish origin. A product of the design and effort of Finnish creators. Plays fluidly on current generation devices and offers smooth operation on older devices. You can play the game on your mobile device as well as in the traditional browser.

    BUILT FOR MOBILE:Depression The Game is designed for PC and tablets, while the mobile version is optimized for smartphones.

    EASY TO PLAY AND SPENT:Depression The Game is designed for entertainment, not brain gymnastics. A quick & fun game that stays true to its name. It’s a game that you can play when you’re waiting in a doctor’s or a dentist’s office, so you’ll be able to let the darkness take over your brain for a few minutes and forget about your worries.

    EASY TO LOAD AND LOCATE:Depression The Game is designed to be played and not to crash or lag. There’s only one city to explore, you won’t be asked to kill a lot of people and cities won’t open one behind the other. It’s simply about finding the right path, finding Hans, finding Melissa and save her.

    MODULE-LARGE:The game is fully integrated with its own module economy. You will be spending your own money to repair and repaint your room to make it look less awful.



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