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Music by Tyrone Jackson:

“I’m not really all that inventive in the musical sense – I use loops and bits from other games (though I deny involvement if anyone actually checks my “bios”). What I do love is a good dramatic score and this came about easily after the game was released. A lot of the game is quite dark, a lot of the music will reflect this and I wanted it to be as dark as it could possibly be. It’s a bit more “Jaws” than “Jaws: The Revenge” but that’s quite normal.” Tyrone Jackson

Theme by H. Roy:

“The title piece was made originally for a game called “Space Maniacs” that was going to be made for the Commodore 64. This game never appeared but I have created a related soundtrack which has (of course) gone the way of all electronic music and adapted itself to the current Windows era. I originally made the soundtrack for the Space Maniacs sequel game called “Captain Manic” which also never saw the light of day. However, the music I made for the original game, “Space Maniacs” got taken up for Gimmick in the Chaos Dimension so here is my tribute to that game.” H. Roy

by John M. Varley

Track Listing:

1. Gimmick in the Chaos Dimension (Main Theme)

2. Mistress in the Sand (Main Theme)

3. Perilous Moon

4. Gremlin Posing As Queen

5. The Ghost Dance

6. The Wailing of the Prince

7. The Wait for Flight

8. By the Creature

9. Reaction of the Hostess

10. Rendezvous In The Swamp

11. The Touch of the Witch

12. End of the Groove

13. The Gimmickman

14. The Homecoming

15. The Call of the Spirits

16. The Getaway

Download A Sample of the Game’s Soundtrack:


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I saw the advertisement about this in GameFan, and you posted the cover in the trailer. Great job! Hopefully one day we will all own a copy of


Subterrain Features Key:

  • 極秘を聞き出せ!!!
  • 「そのおなご」純粋な戦士を倒してやる!!
  • 明るいシノビの世界で感じたことも
  • プレイヤーが思いがけない「頭の中の弦玉」を持っているのみ!!
  • ギリギリで戦える!!!!
  • 噂のレベルファイブ: 大丈夫か→じゃがいも王リザーブ[SQUARE ENIX ~価格は知りたくない!!!!!]

    • レベルファイブ!!!
    • 勿論波風竜!!!!
    • ゾンビ急増!!!!!!!!
    • ストーリーやレアリティの良さもお楽しみ
    • ストーリーやレアリティの良さもお楽しみ
    • ちょっと違うキャラクターが出る!!!!!!!



    Subterrain Crack + PC/Windows

    ■Images of the characters are based on the official character designs by the game’s illustrator, Kuro Sakai.
    ■Each of the scenes has a blurb, which lists what exactly is happening.
    ■Most of the words and sentences in the game are written in the Esperanto language.
    ■Player can read the Esperanto subtitles in English and Japanese.
    ■Japanese and Chinese versions are also included.
    ■For those who want to further their knowledge of Esperanto or study for another language, some of the quizzes will also be translated into Esperanto, including their scores, so you can also check those.Story
    Rin was just buying a snack in her hometown’s shopping district
    but she gets a shock when her surroundings suddenly transform.
    «.Why is the sky pink.?»
    She should know this area well, but the unreadable letters on the signs and the strange language the people are speaking have made things unrecognizable.
    .Just then, Ruka, a girl so cute she could be an idol, appears and extends a helping hand.
    Rin, who exudes positivity in spades, and Ruka, a supportive girl who speaks only a smattering of Japanese.
    This is the story, pure and sometimes frustrating, of two girls intertwined through their fumbling efforts to communicate.
    If you want to continue learning the language and take the quizzes, you can do so in Study Mode.
    In Study Mode, you can listen to each character’s language with one of two options:
    —Fullness: You will hear each character’s language with all of its grammatical information.
    —Fully Semi-Hard: You will hear each character’s language and its grammatical information with «readability» lowered.
    The fullness option will help you with learning the language, but may cause you to have extra difficulties in staying focused on the story and the quizzes.
    ■For reference, Esperanto is a language that allows for a somewhat natural grammatical flow.
    ■You may be able to learn a little bit of Esperanto, depending on your level of understanding of language by hearing this voice-over.
    ■Note: Sometimes the voice-over may not be played. Please try to remember the setting, and if not, read the blurb for each scene and the text in the corners of the screen.
    ■For those who want to further their knowledge of Esperanto or study for another language,


    Subterrain [Win/Mac]

    — 1) Contract wars with other nations, using «just cause» — their interior propaganda, the external distractions they have between wars
    — 2) Withhold resources and withhold autonomy of your people
    — 3) Nation’s spiritual work is inhibited by conflicts. Compare this to the effect of scarcity and the effects of population. See «Poverty in the State»
    — 4) Stable the population with focus on scientific methods — free of regressive forces that creates the base of future progress and ideas
    — 5) Profit from war — income is gained based on warfare & aggression
    — 6) Allow AI incarnations to be included, manifesting more ideas in the society
    — 7) Change the economic model to adapt to more free market ideas, and a free market of ideas
    — 8) Combat unjust laws, such as when tariffs are passed that are bad for everyone; when national monopolies are formed that keep prices high, restrict supply and benefit certain people.
    — 9) Promote peaceful trade — when monopolies are restricted or healthy competition is given the chance to exist, everyone benefits.
    — 10) Include the idea of karma, that the state needs its souls to grow and succeed in order to evolve
    — 11) Allow for instant reincarnation of the ruler — preventing bad rulers from ever being born into ruling families and instead having artificial intelligences helping to govern. They’ll be more rational and productive too
    — 12) Put a limit on the number of souls reincarnating into ruling families, to limit power
    — 13) Don’t have a microtransaction model, but instead a price and limited resource model
    — 14) Add features that protect citizens from the consequences of becoming anti-social
    …And, while we’re at it, I would like to share a few of my personal rules that I have applied in my own actions:
    1) Never wake the sleepers — the asleep should never be awakened and no one should be told
    2) Don’t provoke yourself or your environment with jingoism or by bad deeds
    3) Never tell lies
    4) Never lie about the truth
    5) Agree with the weak and hurt the strong
    6) I am the creator of this life and it is my duty to serve all living beings, without discrimination.
    7) Plan your actions and seek opportunity in times of peace. If you need peace, seek it. But do not plan your actions and lack of actions against the opponent unless you’re fighting for one of the highest purposes.


    What’s new:

    The Gods of the Fallen Land is an adventure for fantasy role-playing games set in the world of Ravenloft, featuring game mechanics from the 4th edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

    The God of the Fallen Land includes:

    A 22-page scenario that features the follow-up to the story from the module The Dark Legacy of the Raven Elves. It includes the town of Saint-Cyr, warnings against an undead threat from the next village, options to fight the threat in the small town, and a deadly sacrifice that can be used by the players to win the scenario.
    An optional short adventure, Escaping from the Carrion Field, that can be used to explore the Borderlands if time restrictions prevent the party from doing the main scenario.
    A few important NPCs made to aid in the scenario. The adventure also includes two documents, a map, and a few enemy encounter tables for you to populate these NPCs with.


    The town of Saint-Cyr was a thriving small town during the year 1000 A.D. A few months ago, the citizens of Saint-Cyr believed they could live in peace and were unaware of an impending danger that was creating skeletons out of the graves of this village.

    The town’s evil nature was let out and hoped by a vampire—imprisoned in the basement of Saint-Cyr’s graveyard. It attached itself to a priestess of Hircine who was trapped in his stormwater drain. The vampire made the priestess lay a curse upon the people of Saint-Cyr. The vampire, whose real name was Gill, by the grace of the Firbolg King of the Midgaard, was not given a name.

    Gill prepared the town of Saint-Cyr for the great war and bloodshed that was to begin. He was in a dilemma, he had been dating the priestess for quite a while and he would soon turn her into one of his minions. At this point, Gill decided it would be best to return to his homeland. Gill had a bag of souls inside of him, which would have been superior to the souls he stole from the town of Saint-Cyr in the future.

    When Gill returned to his homelands, the Firbolg Kingdom, he decided it would be best to ask King Jonthir Vex, the King of the Midgaard, for help in fighting the vampires in the village called Saint


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    This is a challenge for everyone, from children to young adults.
    People have called me unskilled in games. I think this is not true. I am just not experienced. My aim was for small and simple games that people can easily play and enjoy.

    Minecraft SnapMap with Animation by Robllz
    I’ve been meaning to make this for a while now and I finally got around to creating it, so now I just gotta find some time to create the rest of the Animated SnapMap.
    Clippy is an animated Lego SnapMap of Clippy showing me the real Microsoft Outlook.
    The animations were created using TiltShiftModulator and Twine.

    “FRONTLINE: A Search for the Truth”: The Authenticity of Jesus
    This website is a collection of links to my viewers about the authenticity of Jesus Christ, and the historicity of the New Testament stories.
    Here is a short video with some facts about the life of Jesus Christ:

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