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Super Socks5Cap Crack With License Key

Super Socks5Cap is designed to conceal your real identity when using applications that require Internet connection, but do not provide proxy support. It works just like a proxy server, allowing a much secure user experience, transferring data without revealing your actual IP address.
Powerful privacy protection system
The application is compatible with the HTTPS, SOCKS v4 and v5 protocols, also allowing SSH tunneling and connections via Super Network Tunnel Client/Server proxy.
You can instruct it to apply its configuration to all the running applications and therefore, all the outgoing requests will pass through the proxy server before reaching their destination, ensuring your privacy. Alternatively, you can opt for creating specific profiles for each program.
Quick configuration with various options and rules
Configuring it might seem a bit difficult to beginners, but the built-in wizard can guide you throughout the operation, from setting the proxy host and port number to choosing the target programs.
Super Socks5Cap supports real remote mode and features local and remote DNS resolving via the proxy server. Proxy chain usage increase data security even more, while the application also enables you to specify the IP address your computer should be assigned with.
It allows UDP and TCP data tunneling, offering options for creating custom connection rules for newly launched applications and exclusion lists for programs that should not use proxy.
A reliable proxy application that ensures data privacy
Super Socks5Cap assumes the role of a proxy server for any application you want, whether it has its own privacy protection mechanism or not. It can be used with any application that requires online access, such as browsers, IM programs, FTP clients, e-mail programs or games.
It allows communication with outside servers without revealing your real identity, empowering your computer to bypass restricted HTTP proxy connections while hiding its IP address and location.







Super Socks5Cap Crack + Activation Code For Windows

Protect your privacy when downloading programs or using any network service without revealing your real IP address.
The application comes with a proxy server plus a number of connection rules, which you can use for specifying the proxy settings of any application.
This software is designed to work with any kind of network.
This software includes a network proxy server.
Technical support available 24 hours a day.
It features both remote and local DNS resolving, so that any DNS requests can be resolved by the proxy server itself.
The remote DNS resolving is useful when browsing the Internet.
Super Socks5Cap is designed to work with HTTP, FTP, and DNS resolution.
It allows real remote mode connection.
The proxy server performs transparent DNS resolving, which means that all outbound DNS requests are redirected by the proxy server to its own DNS service.
The proxy server works with embedded PPP and SLIP protocols.
The application uses UDP and TCP tunneling technology to allow data communications over Internet.
A proxy server with connection settings for any program.
Quick profile creation.
DNS resolving by the proxy server.
DNS resolving by a remote server.
Exclusion lists.
Basic filtering.
Choose the proxy server host and port number.
Advanced filtering.
Standard proxy profiles.
User-defined profiles.
Preserve application settings.
Use Intranet proxies.
Multiple domain support.
User-defined connection rules.
Keep the application running.
File sharing support.
* Our product is not affiliated with any company or association. No third party will be involved in providing this product. Download Super Socks5Cap, a free software as a Service from Softasm.com.Q:

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Super Socks5Cap Crack + [Latest 2022]

This program is a powerful tool that can be used as a proxy server to enhance your Internet privacy and security. It is capable of accepting the incoming connections from your computer and connect to the outside web server. It is completely safe and reliable to use.
If you’re tired of using those sites that block your access to certain parts of their websites, e.g.:
Google.com, MSN, Youtube, Facebook, Gmail, Wikipedia, Linux.org, Amazon, etc.
That’s what Super Socks5Cap is for.
It will allow you to bypass those restrictions and connect to those websites as if your IP address is not from your location.
You will also be protected from losing your personal information and privacy.
The program consists of the best built in firewall and antispam that you’ll probably find in the market.
You’ll get the same level of protection while using a proxy server.
You’ll be able to run this program in stealth mode.
How does it work?
Super Socks5Cap supports the following protocols:
HTTP, SOCKS v4 and v5, Socks5 Server, Socks5 Anonymous, Socks5 UDP, Socks5 TCP, Socks5 TCP Active.
Also, it is capable of working via DNS server.
There is a simple setup wizard to guide you through the operation, which will help you configure your settings faster.
Start your secure browsing by pressing Start.
The firewall will be the first to be opened on your computer.
It can be blocked or controlled in order to accept or reject connection to any website.
It will open a new connection to the website that’s running on the server, hiding your original IP address.
Using the proxy, you can bypass the blocking sites and connect to them via its HTTP proxy.
The firewall will prevent unsolicited incoming connections.
The proxy will open a new TCP session to the server. It will work as a transparent proxy.
What’s New:
— Public release for the new version of s5proxy
— Added random proxy generation
— Added another antispam filter
— New antispam filter: Temporary whitelist
— Added an exclusion list for sites that should not be allowed to be accessed through the proxy
— Bugfixes and minor improvements

Connect to an internet connection via a firewall with a Proxy Service.
Download the tool with:

Super Socks5Cap Crack+ [Updated-2022]

Compatible with the HTTP, HTTP Secure (HTTPS), SOCKS v4 and v5 protocols;

Available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms;

Supports real remote mode;

Supports local and remote DNS resolving via the proxy server;

Beside the standard proxy features, the application also allows you to exclude several programs from using the proxy and creating custom connection rules for newly launched applications.

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o ESET CyberSecurity Plus is designed to provide a powerful security protection without slowing down the system performance. It features comprehensive antivirus protection system based on detection of infected files and applications, guaranteeing the best of performance.
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ESET CyberSecurity Plus uses a powerful scanning engine that immediately identifies and destroys unknown, malicious files and programs that might impact the normal operation of the system. It can also detect and remove known malware attempts to evade detection.
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Scans the whole system in two minute intervals
The application ensures the safety of data on the computer, while providing a good performance by scanning the whole system in 60 seconds intervals.
Real-time scanning
The application immediately compares data to the database and prevents existing threats from spreading, ensuring the system stays safe, even though it is online.
o ESET Smart Security has been designed to protect your privacy, as well as offer a superb antivirus protection. It takes into account your internet habits and sends virus alerts only when they are needed.
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Smart protection system
o McAfee Total Security will ensure the security of your device and private information, while providing a great performance.
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What’s New in the Super Socks5Cap?

Super Socks5Cap — powerful network proxy with advanced configuration options and a variety of options to secure user’s Internet access.
Super Socks5Cap Key features:
— Can serve multiple protocols (SOCKSv4, SOCKSv5, HTTP proxy, SSH tunnel,…)
— Powerful user interface and wizards for fast configuration
— Top notch reliability and stability
— Advanced settings for creating custom rules, increasing privacy and security
— Local and remote DNS resolving
— Intuitive user interface
— Connection chains
— Allows UDP and TCP data tunneling
— Supports exclusion lists, allowing users to specify which specific applications should not use the proxy
System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7 SP1 or later
CPU: Intel or AMD
RAM: 2GB minimum
Office: Office 2013 or higher.
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Preferred language(s): English
Important: Before installation, you should make sure to uninstall all previous Socks 5 Proxy and Proxy4U types.

@Mike Barr

Download (

Time to get your socks up! Super Socks5Cap supports RealNetworks Silverlight player, plus HTML5 or Flash player. It can connect to websites using any protocol in any browser, and then automatically bypass restrictions, such as advertising/analytics or access control. Now it also supports DataConnect.Nitrate tolerance in the human spinal cord: demonstration with positron emission tomography.
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System Requirements For Super Socks5Cap:

OS: Windows 10 (64 bit).
Windows 10 (64 bit). Processor: Intel Core i5-2520M or equivalent AMD CPU
Intel Core i5-2520M or equivalent AMD CPU Memory: 8 GB RAM
8 GB RAM Graphics: AMD R9 Nano or equivalent Nvidia GPU
Note: GPU drivers must be updated to the latest version.
1. Download and install Steam (V)
2. Download and install the latest AMD beta drivers
3. Download and install the latest NTR


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