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SystemBooster Activator Free [32|64bit] [Updated] ➕

SystemBooster speeds up your old computerand makes your fast PC even faster. SystemBooster is based on the principle of opportunistic prefetching. It prefetches data from your hard drive so that when your operating system requests that data it is already cached in memory.
The result is much faster file access. SystemBooster functions as a SystemTray utility. Leave it running all the time and it periodically does its work to prefetch data that you are statistically most likely to use.
When that data is called for e.g. loading a program — it happens in about half the time than it would without SystemBooster.
Here are some key features of «SystemBooster»:
■ Reduce load times of your applications by up to 70%
■ Improve performance of all disk intensive applications
■ Improve performance of your favorite games
■ Make your overall desktop and Windows XP more «sprightly» and fast
■ Speed up internet browsing, defragging, file searching, even simple things such as browsing folders
■ When browsing your image catalogs, no more waiting for ages for thumbnails to be drawn — it all happens almost instantly
■ Vastly improve performance of the most disk intensive applications such as flight simulators with photo-scenery and disk intensive games
■ Improve the performance of your small office server for faster client e-mail retrieval, shared apps, print spooling, web servers, network browsing… to name a few!
■ 7 days free trial







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SystemBooster is an application designed to speed up your Windows operating system by increasing the speed of your hard drive and significantly reducing the time it takes to access files. You’ll notice a dramatic reduction in boot times, the speed of most applications running on your computer, and the speed of accessing the documents that you need for word processing, work, web browsing, and other activities.
SystemBooster scans the entire hard drive of your computer and begins prefetching data, which is stored locally in memory, at a rate of up to 5 megabytes per second per hard drive. This means that you can start to access most files, whether they are program shortcuts, documents or photos, in less than half the time as without SystemBooster. In addition, SystemBooster can also dramatically reduce the hard disk activity caused by Windows moving files across the hard disk or recovering files when there’s a crash.
SystemBooster is built upon a powerful system of algorithms which analyze your computers hard drive and perform prefetching operations in the background, leaving you to simply use your PC.
SystemBooster is designed to improve your computer, that’s it! The application does not change any of your existing operating system or applications.
SystemBooster Features
Prefetching of data at up to 5 MB/S
Optionally analyze your hard disk for disk activity and prefetch based on that analysis
Support for all versions of Microsoft Windows from Windows 2000, Windows XP to Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 & 2008
Backup and Restore your existing drives

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SystemBooster Crack Activation Free

■ SystemBooster runs in the SystemTray and is not backgrounded
■ SystemBooster does not pre-load other popular system applications such as Firefox, IE, Windows Media Player, etc.
■ SystemBooster is not one of those e-waste «redundant» programs that can do a lot of useless things, but in fact don’t perform one thing.
SystemBooster is a speed up tool. It is useful to all those who need their computers and Pcs to get faster.
SystemBooster changes your computer into a system that is quick, responsive and responsive. But SystemBooster is more than that.
SystemBooster does not pre-load your browser, but it puts your web browser into the SystemTray and makes it more responsive.
Another huge benefit is that SystemBooster will speed up games, G3D games in particular.
SystemBooster tweaks and improves your computer’s performance at a fundamental level.
A Game changer.
SystemBooster requires a registry cleaner program called «RegCure» to function properly.
SystemBooster is free to download and users of SystemBooster will not be asked for further payment after the 7 days trial period, but then you will be required to either subscribe to the Basic SystemBooster package or purchase the Advanced SystemBooster package.
SystemBooster supports all the major Windows OSs including Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10.
SystemBooster is not used to save RAM or improve page file management, but to speed up the time it takes to load applications and files. And that is what users need more of than anything else.
SystemBooster can add weeks of useful work to the life of your current PC.
However, SystemBooster is not meant to replace a good, up-to-date performance tune-up by a 3rd party performance tuning program.
SystemBooster is not simply a «plug in» for your current performance tuning program.
SystemBooster, through it’s Prefetch engine, will find data that is currently cached in RAM, but needed at another time.
When SystemBooster does find that data, it isn’t waiting for a matching command to be issued to obtain the data — SystemBooster gets the data and gives it to your OS, file system or application faster.
SystemBooster makes your computer, and desktop work faster. It will clean up your registry, free

SystemBooster Free Download

SystemBooster is a utility that speeds up the speed of your computer and improves the performance of your applications and games. SystemBooster works on the principle of «opportunistic prefetching» to improve the speed of your computer.
SystemBooster offers system-level tools, allowing you to control the performance of your operating system (System) with ease. The program is based on the idea that your system utilizes a limited amount of memory for data caching. SystemBooster ensures that these data is generally being used by your system by prefetching data without needing to be asked for it.
SystemBooster is a multi-threaded Windows application designed to run automatically in the system tray. It runs in the background, allowing the program to quickly scan for available system memory and look for data to prefetch.

SystemBooster download links are currently disabled, due to a DMCA notice.

I did some research on SystemBooster after i contacted a knowlinglegable person. What he told me:

SystemBooster is an especially good solution for:
■ Improving general desktop performance;
■ Improving overall performance for all disk-intensive programs;
■ Improving flight sims, photography, games, and other programs that use the hard drive heavily.

SystemBooster also includes a SystemTray (notification icon) that will notify you as SystemBooster is «alive» in the system tray. The SystemTray notification can be disabled with the SystemTray options in the «Preferences» dialog of SystemBooster.

What it does:

■ Allows you to set system level settings to improve the speed of your computer.
■ Allows you to speed up all disk-intensive programs.
■ Allows you to speed up general desktop performance.
■ Allows you to speed up the performance of any application that makes heavy use of the hard drive.
■ Allows you to be notified of successful system prefetching operations (a bit like a system tray notification icon).
■ Allows you to control all the above settings with an extremely easy to understand GUI.

SystemBooster is also «Power Saver» aware, and will do the following:
■ Automatically save your computer’s battery
■ Automatically «turbo-boost» your computer’s clock speed while you are not using it.
■ Autom

What’s New In SystemBooster?

SystemBooster improves the performance of your computer by reducing disk IO requests using what is called opportunistic pre-fetching. This means that when it is running, it starts pre-fetching data from the hard drive, prefetching that data and caching it in memory.
When the operating system requests this data, it is already in memory and therefore only needs to access the hard disk once to retrieve it.
SystemBooster utilizes a number of interesting ideas — some with well-known benefits, some are less well-known.
One of those less well-known benefits is opportunistic pre-fetching. By prefetching data, we speed up access to that data when it is needed. For example, if we are reading a document in a word processor and then save it, the word processor opens the file directly and hasn’t seen it before, so it has to do a disk read to get the file. If we hadn’t prefetched the file, it would have to do a disk read to get the file. Therefore, the word processor would have to open the file, do a read, and then do a close, which takes extra time and leaves the file open. If we had prefetched the file, it would have cached it in memory, so it would only have to open the file once, do a read, and then close it, and the word processor would be able to use it immediately.
SystemBooster is innovative as much as opportunistic pre-fetching. I use this word to mean that not all data is equal. For example, your word processor might have a dictionary, but if you don’t reference the dictionary often, that’s ok — that’s not data you’ll need often.
For the most part, though, the data you’ll get out of a disk drive is the data you are accessing. If you’re up to date with emails and you’re downloading online photos, the stats say you’ll probably need all the pictures. Usually you get more of what you need out of the way first.
SystemBooster works on the principle of opportunistic pre-fetching. It’s a type of prefetching — a very low-level pre-fetching. It’s a bit like pre-downloading pages on the web. With SystemBooster, we don’t pre-download every page on the web. This is costly, but with some sites, it wouldn’t make sense to pre-download pages


System Requirements:

Supported Platforms:
OS: OS X 10.7 or later
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz or AMD Phenom
Memory: 1GB
Hard Disk: 50 MB available space
How To Install:
1. Copy and paste the game files to your hard drive.
2. Run the game files.
Name: Desert City Conquest
Developer: TIGG Entertainment
Price: Free
You can buy a higher quality version of the game at the TIGG


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