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Most image manipulation and editing can be accomplished in Photoshop with the use of layers, masks, and filters. With Photoshop’s powerful editing tools you can change the appearance of a digital image in ways that would be impossible in print or film.

There are a few other topics that can be covered in regard to Photoshop and digital imaging. These include tips for beginners, image manipulation, printing, scanners, and other topics.

Photoshop basics

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful and complex program that adds a layer of complexity in learning the product. To get started in Photoshop, you need to learn how layers work and how to work effectively with layers.

In the real-world Photoshop image is a series of layers, an analog to the way a page is printed on a sheet of paper. Each layer contains pixels that make up the image.

To create a Photoshop image, you need to add layers to your document. You create these layers by selecting the «Layer» icon in the toolbox at the bottom of the workspace. A layer will appear in your document.

By selecting «Lock» or «Select All» you can lock all layers, and you will see that you can no longer alter anything in the document or change the order. You can either make a layer click-able by clicking the Layer icon and opening its layer properties or select it with a box around the contents of the layer.

Once a layer has been selected, you can modify it with various tools that are found in the toolbox. Photoshop works very much like the real world; tools in the toolbox can be used to modify anything from the size of a facial feature to the position of a light source or the color of text. For example, you can use the tools found in the toolbox to add highlights to a person’s eyes, draw chalk on a wall and erase it, paint the top of a building blue, or remove dirt and paint from a person’s face.

Beginners need to get used to the basic concepts of working with layers. The following screenshot shows a layer icon in the toolbox.

During the early stages of Photoshop, it is recommended that you start by learning to select all layers. However, in order to fully learn how to edit your images in Photoshop, it is strongly recommended that you learn to lock layers first.

This layer icon is found under Layers in Photoshop.

Quick Edit

You can select layers and reorder layers by using the

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Adobe Photoshop(Pro) vs Photoshop Elements – The Differences

The main differences between the two versions are the following:

1. File Compatibility

Whereas Photoshop Elements offers to save files in all the standard formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, PDF, SWF, PSD, etc. (and other file formats as well), Photoshop Pro is limited to what it calls standard formats: JPG, GIF, PNG, and PSD.

2. Installation

Photoshop Pro is much larger than Photoshop Elements. In order to install it on your system, you need to download a 7-9 GB software package.

This software package will cost you not just your hard drive space, but also a good amount of time. So if you use Photoshop Pro on a weekly basis, you might want to start saving your money and install Photoshop Elements, which will cost you much less in the long run.

3. Price

If you plan to use Photoshop Pro occasionally and are used to working with expensive software, you may want to consider Photoshop Elements instead. The latter costs $59.99 – $119.99 depending on the version you buy.

4. Learning Curve

Learning to use the features and graphic editing tools of Photoshop Pro is much less intensive than learning how to use the same tools in Photoshop Elements. As a beginner, you will be able to use Photoshop Elements much faster than Photoshop Pro.

5. Transfer Rates

A quick and easy way to transfer your images from your computer to Photoshop Pro or Photoshop Elements is to use the desktop transfer software. You can use Adobe Bridge to easily import files from and export files to other formats.

6. User Interface

The number of buttons and icon designs of Photoshop Elements are easy to use, allowing the user to navigate the program without much difficulty.

7. Speed

Photoshop Elements is generally much faster than Photoshop Pro. Photoshop elements runs on simple core elements like vector graphics and live-action, not on pixel based images. Because of this, it will turn images that use pixels into vector graphics. This means that you can edit the images better and faster with Photoshop Elements.

8. Downloadable Softwares

Many of the professional software applications are available for download from the Adobe website. (You might want to check out their deals section for discounts and free trials). Some of the software applications you can download include Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe After Effects,

Adobe Photoshop CS5

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What’s New in the Adobe Photoshop CS5?


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System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop CS5:

Windows Vista/Windows XP
2 GHz processor
800 MB available hard disk space
DirectX 9.0 or later
15 GB available hard disk space
Client must be running Windows 2000 or Windows 98/Me
Additional Requirements:
An Internet connection
The Windows SDK requires the Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows 98 operating system.
or operating system. To install or uninstall the Windows SDK, you must be logged in as the Administrator,
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