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GPU-Z NLite Addon Crack (Updated 2022)







GPU-Z NLite Addon Crack +


Real-Time Scanner ver. — Real Time Scanner is an utility for quick scan of your system.


Real Time Scanner ver. is a fast scan application that can quickly scan and diagnose your windows hard drive for bad sectors. It has options to quick scan drive, shortcuts, partition, NTFS quick scan, and external devices etc. Real Time Scanner can also save the scanning results of each scan to a file.

What’s New:

√ Automatically download drivers and update them to latest versions.√ Added option to enable/disable Windows firewall.√ Fixed some bugs.

nLite Addon Description:

System Tools — nLite’s system tools are Windows and hardware manager that will make the install process easier, it makes sure to include your usual tools and hardware drivers.


A set of utility applications to access, copy, delete, format, move, and more when used in conjunction with the nLite suite. This includes system information, boot files, drivers, operating system, and information gathered from hardware.

nLite Addon Description:

1:32 Removal Tool! — the ultimate FREE uninstalled software remover. Disclaimer: 1:32 Removal Tool is an official product developed by nLite. The program is included with nLite’s suite.

1:32 Removal Tool! Features:

√ quick/easy scan of software for removal.√ fast scan to search and delete infected files/registries with deep scan.√ deeply scan to search for installed items and compress them to a single zip file.√ scan for other categories such as, network, browser, email, etc.√ support for over 900 applications.√ free version available for 30 days trial.√ 1-click uninstall with 1-click delete.

Password Manager — Password Manager is a utility designed to store and manage your passwords, usernames and internet settings.


Password manager allows you to store and manage your passwords, usernames and other internet settings like proxy, FTP, etc. without requiring a password each time. The tool can fill in your username/password values automatically when you browse online.

It can also be used as

GPU-Z NLite Addon Crack+ Activation Code With Keygen Free Download For PC [Updated] 2022

This add-on for nLite provides you the information about your video card and GPU. You will see the whole system information about your GPU and your video card.
— Shows you the information about your NVIDIA GPU and NVIDIA video card.
— Displays the GPU vendor and graphics adapter index
— Displays the model, number and serial number of your video card and GPU
— Shows you the features and speed of your video card and GPU.
— Displays the memory size for your video card and graphic card
— Shows the latest NVIDIA Drivers.
— Displays the info about the latest NVIDIA Kernel drivers.
— Displays GPU Temperature and GPU Fan Speed
— Displays GPU Driver Version
— Displays Operating System and CPU version.
— Displays DirectX Version.
1. Download and unzip the.zip file you’ve just downloaded in your desktop or wherever you want.
2. Launch the.exe file
3. Choose the ‘Add’ button
4. Choose ‘Add.zip and files to nLite’
5. Choose ‘Done’
6. Choose ‘Install now’
7. Choose ‘Start’
8. Choose ‘Done’
9. Repeat the procedure to add nLite addons in the nLite program
10. Go to the ‘Add-ons’ tab in the ‘Settings’ section of nLite. Choose ‘GPU-Z nLite’
Change the «Auto Install» option in the launcher in order to not install nLite addons automatically.
To enable the small logo that shows you if you are installing nLite on your computer or if you are reinstalling it on a new PC check the «Show small logo when installing nLite on your PC» option.

To uninstall:
1. Go to nLite’s ‘Settings’ tab
2. Choose the ‘Add-ons’ tab
3. Click on the ‘Uninstall’ button to delete the nLite addons you added
You also have the option to manually delete the addons.

If you want to remove a program from your computer or uninstall it from your computer using the Del operation, you can use the nLite uninstaller feature. For a faster uninstallation, you can use a bootable iso image of the nLite uninstaller.
nLite uninstaller is a third-party program which is not developed

GPU-Z NLite Addon With Full Keygen

It is a lightweight utility that offers a glimpse of your GPU to you.
GPU-Z nLite Addon Screenshots:

I have tried to grab this add-on. It says » Sorry to Say Your nLite Addon Not Installed Yet..» Does it mean I have to reinstall to use this add-on?
It needs a download of 62.2MB. I tried to start the download but it needs internet connection.


There is no need for you to install this addon, you are already using it.
The error you are getting when trying to download the addon is because nlite is unable to verify the addon is trusted or not.
Go to the addon you want to install and select the three dots in the top right, then select «Check for Updates». It will check if there are any new versions and start downloading them. When the download completes, go back to the addon and click «Install».
There will be another prompt asking you to confirm the addon installation. Click ok and wait for it to finish.

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What’s New In?

GPU-Z lets you test your video card in order to fine-tune and tweak it.
You may also find it useful to set up a custom and bootable Windows install image.
iNromance nLite Addon Description:
nLite iNromance nLite helps you to easily create a bootable image of Windows.
After downloading the iNromance nLite from its website, just right click on the file, select Burn to Disk or Burn to Disc (depending on your Windows version), and follow the prompts to complete the process.
dansguardian nLite Addon Description:
dansguardian is a web content filter which can be used to give the permissions to your computer to restrict access of the Internet for certain user or not, its quite useful especially if you have a younger kid or are working in a place where many people are logged.
If you want to use dansguardian you need to first download it from its website, you will then need to install it.
Once you complete the installation process, you will then have to create an nLite add-on to «activate» dansguardian.
There are two ways to do this, the first way is to use the nLite GUI, and the other way is to follow the instructions below.
dansguardian nLite Addon GUI way:
nLite provides a GUI application which can be downloaded from its website. You just need to download it, find the addon you created, right click on the image and select Burn to Disk or Burn to Disc.
Follow the instructions on screen.
dansguardian nLite Addon instructions way:
All you need to do is to download the dansguardian addon from the nLite addon website or its links and install it on your computer.
Install the addon:
Once you have downloaded the addon, double click on it in order to start it.
If you are using 64bit Windows, you will see a message «Unable to modify file».
Click OK and proceed with the Addons installation.
Download this addon for Windows and Mac:
Free Download

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Search&Delete is a utility made by the HomeFiles team, an international team of software developers, programmers and designers who are working to make your everyday work easier.

System Requirements For GPU-Z NLite Addon:

OS: Windows 10 x64, Windows 8.1 x64, Windows 8 x64, Windows 7 x64, Windows Vista x64, Windows Server 2008 R2 x64
Processor: 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core CPU, 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 x2 Quad Core CPU
Memory: 2 GB RAM (RAM recommended for best performance)
Graphics: DirectX 9-capable hardware with 1 GB video RAM (software rendering is not supported for