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5. Now that you’ve finished the tutorial on the Photoshop website, create another normal map for the sidewalk by following the instructions in Lesson 9.
6. This time, however, use the original normal map for the sidewalk you created in Chapter 4, «Normal Maps for Specularity, Flow, and Detail.»

Photoshop should recognize the existing normal map from your last tutorial and save it as a new layer to the file.

7. Add a new layer and change the transparency settings for the image to see the existing normal map beneath the new one.
8. From the Filter menu, open the Filters>Blur>Gaussian Blur filter. Click the Blur menu at the bottom of the dialog box and choose the standard sigma setting (1) for this filter. Enter a blur radius of about 2 to 3 pixels (see Figure 7-15).

Figure 7-15. The Gaussian Blur filter creates a blurry, Gaussian-looking blur for the normal map.

9. Click OK to close the dialog box and apply the filter to your image.
10. Overlay the two images. You should see a normal map on top of a blurry one. The blurry normal map will retain its original sharpness and detail while the first one will appear soft and blurry.

Photoshop will save the new layer to your file. You can then remove it from the Layers panel if you like by right-clicking the layer name and selecting Delete from the context menu. You can also open a copy of the blurred normal map in another document to further play around with it.

Lesson 6: Using Photoshop’s Filters, Masks, and Adjustments

All of the previous lessons introduced you to different ways to produce sharp and soft blends. Each technique requires a different amount of time and skill to learn and master. In this lesson, you’ll look at a couple different ways to quickly accomplish the same task of combining the original normal map with the blurry one, using the built-in filters in Photoshop.

Filters for Blurs and Sharps

Filters are layers of effects that create subtle or dramatic changes in an image. They can be applied to a selection or the entire photo and can be used as a layer mask to create complex details or alter the image with an energy-based visual effect. Filters can be used to alter the color of a photo, create special effects, soften or shar

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Photoshop Elements 2017 Free Download Full Version for Windows

The digital image editing tool has been around for quite a while. Photoshop is not an exception. Originally released in 1992, it became the most used graphics design tool on the Windows platform. Since then, it has come a long way, and now comes Photoshop Elements which has been developed by Adobe.

If you are looking to learn the basics of Photoshop then this is for you. You don’t need to be a pro to use Photoshop Elements. All you need is a basic computer and either the Windows or Mac operating system.

With the introduction of Photoshop Elements, Adobe have made the smart move to develop a product that has similar features but without the hefty price tag. Many of Photoshop’s products come at a very expensive rate; this may include things such as the Adobe Creative Suite or CS3.

All you need is Photoshop Elements and you have a great tool. There are different versions available for you to choose from.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2017 Free Download

Photoshop Elements is now a stand-alone app for you to download. You don’t need to have the full Adobe Creative Suite to use this app. The good thing about this app is that it is free to download.

Like most of the tools from Adobe, Photoshop Elements is straightforward. It has loads of features and can do just about anything you can imagine.

Features of Photoshop Elements

No matter what kind of image you are editing, Photoshop Elements is usually the first place you go to edit the image. It is packed with features to help you in your editing. You can download a free trial for either 30 or 90 days.

There are three different version of Photoshop Elements. One of which is an upgrade of the previous version. To find out what the different versions mean, you can read the below sections.

Table of Contents:

Photoshop Elements Editions

Photoshop Elements: Share Anywhere – New for 2017

The first thing you notice about Photoshop Elements is that there are three versions available. This is due to the fact that previous version of the app was bundled with other Photoshop tools. All of the versions are available free of charge.

Photoshop Elements 2019

This edition of Photoshop Elements contains all the features that the previous versions contained. There are over 100 filters available. Some of them are mainly useful for web designers.

The basic edition is ideal if

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Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop is Adobe’s premiere professional image and graphics editing software. You can use Photoshop to retouch, revamp, or save any images. While beginners to Photoshop can try it out for free, Adobe sells Photoshop with a monthly or annual subscription.

The full version is used mainly by professionals. However, the various editions provide a greater range of functionality than its basic counterpart.

Note: Photoshop is only available on the macOS platform.


Version history and updates

Photoshop CC 2019

Released May 16, 2019

Users of prior versions are not automatically upgraded to the new version. Users must complete a download and upgrade installation.

The Photoshop update was fairly large.

It introduced a new task manager, new features in curves, and new features in Lasso tool.

New features in Photoshop CC 2019:

Use the Lens Correction tool to correct distortion, poor focus, chromatic aberrations, and vignetting.

The Converter module lets you convert bitmap to vector and vice versa, create and edit SVG, and re-export a document.

The Application module lets you import any major file format like TIFF, JPEG, PSD, AVI, MP3, and more.

The New Layer module lets you clone, create a smart object, and move a layer.

The Selection module lets you create selections and selections from selections.

The History module keeps a history of all actions in a project.

The Search module lets you search for specific files in the search tool.

Saving an image or PDF file works in a new way now.

Adobe Photoshop CS5

Released October 14, 2005

Adobe Photoshop CS5 made a huge leap forward in this version. It is the first Photoshop update to have a simplified interface, and to offer manual adjustment tools.

Photoshop CC 2019

Released May 16, 2019

Users of prior versions are not automatically upgraded to the new version. Users must complete a download and upgrade installation.

New features in Photoshop CC 2019:

Use the Lens Correction tool to correct distortion, poor focus, chromatic aberrations, and vignetting.

The Converter module lets you convert bitmap to vector and vice versa, create and edit SVG, and re-export a document.

The Application module lets you import any major file format like

What’s New In?

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Should question edits be made more obvious to others?

Usually people in my office (and other workplaces) try to be helpful to others, and I find this because generally this is common sense stuff, like you don’t leave a glass of water out too long, or clean your desk before sitting down, or don’t leave the tools unattended when you’ve finished with them.
I find a lot of people are quite oblivious to this. I think I’m exceptional in this regard, but I’m not sure if that’s just me. I think most people (though certainly not all) in my office would appreciate the benefit of this common sense stuff.
I often find myself dealing with users who add a question simply to ask «What is the name of X?» in the hopes that we can copy and paste an answer. It’s of course, only a pattern that I’ve seen in the same few users. Almost every time I see it, I’m forced to edit the question to make it more appropriate to the site.
So in my question, I’m wondering whether some sort of automated edit, that would flag the question for any changes made by an anonymous user to the original question would be a good idea. If such an edit would indicate to the user that the question has been edited in such a way that it does not reflect an attempted trivial question, I think this could only be beneficial.
Does such a change make sense from a community perspective?


I’m aware of this happening several times in the past (it hasn’t happened

System Requirements:

Version 8.1 or higher
Version 10.8 or higher
Google Chrome:
Version 60 or higher
Goblin Fox:
Version 2.1 or higher
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For any questions, feel free to get in touch with us via social media:
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