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Sizes Of Folders And Subfolders Crack PC/Windows ☝🏿


Download 🗸 DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download 🗸 DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






Sizes Of Folders And Subfolders Crack Free Download [Updated]

Calculate the size of directories, files and sub-directories.

The user-friendly interface is shown in the below illustration.


Calculate the size of:




Drive and directory path

Select folders from the user-defined list

User-defined drive path


Calculates real-time size information without accessing any files

No performance cost

One configurable window for size information displayed

No impact on computer performance

No configuration settings required


Configuration is done by choosing folder/directory paths.

You can add a drive letter to existing directories (such as C:\, D:\, E:\, F:\), or make a new folder under the existing one

The application will give you accurate results as long as the source folders are not protected. Sizes of Folders and Subfolders require access to a normal hard drive in order to calculate folder sizes.

It is recommended to run Size of Folders and Subfolders on a local drive or on a network drive that is accessible through Windows


Sizes of Folders and Subfolders is free for use on commercial, educational, and personal use. The license is available for a free trial period of 30 days before you purchase the license.


Sizes of Folders and Subfolders is available to be bought on the official website. The support center is available for telephone support, online support, and email support.

Sizes of Folders and Subfolders Installation

Download Sizes of Folders and Subfolders and run the installation program.

Wait until the installation finishes. When the installation process has completed, open the Sizes of Folders and Subfolders menu and press the Start button to launch the software.

Run the application without any further installation and start the size calculations.

Download Sizes of Folders and Subfolders

Download Sizes of Folders and Subfolders for Microsoft Windows for free from Softonic:

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Sizes Of Folders And Subfolders Download PC/Windows

— Simple looks and few configuration settings
— Performs calculations quickly and without errors
— Perfect for getting accurate information about the sizes of folders and subdirectories on your system
Download Sizes of Folders and Subfolders 2022 Crack at Softonic:

Valuable Features
— Accurate calculations
— Easy to use interface
— Portable and simple to use
— Supports all Windows versions
— Helpful tips and ideas
— Configurable settings
— Available in all modern versions
Included Software
— Easy to get
Differences from other software of the same category
— Sizes of Folders and Subfolders is used to calculate sizes of folders and subdirectories, and it can be deployed on all Windows versions so you can install it with ease.

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Sizes Of Folders And Subfolders Crack+ With Product Key

* Size of Folders and Subfolders adds a straightforward size calculation of folders and subfolders.
* It carries out a quick and accurate search for entries on the disk in any folder, without wasting any time by scanning the entire drive for every file.
* Just a few clicks are required to add a folder or drive as a test environment.
* The help file and the installation folder are located in the same directory.
* The program interface features modern graphics and quick navigation.
* The interface is very intuitive, easy to use, and supports international languages.
* The layout of the program window is clean and can be resized easily.
* The app is portable and can be run from the storage medium.
* Folder size is calculated quickly and accurately.
* It does not alter the system registry or clog up your system with unnecessary components.
* It gets its information from a file.
* Tests prove the functionality.
* It can be easily configured and you can add the program folder as a test directory.
* The program supports multiple languages.
* The user will not be bothered with a huge help file or a lengthy manual.
* No system-specific configurations are required.
* Other Requirements
* Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
* English
* 1.2 Mb download

File Size Calculator Plus is a small utility that estimates the file size of a specified directory or even a whole disk partition. The software can also tell if the specified file is a video, audio, graphic, or a document, such as a text, txt, rar, doc, html, etc.
Calculate the file size of a directory or entire disk partition:
* Find and calculate the size of a directory or an entire disk partition.
* Specify a directory or a partition via File → Folder Or Drive.
* The software checks the disk file system, ensuring that it is a valid drive or a valid partition, such as:
* NTFS, FAT32, exFAT, MBR, GPT, etc.
* A disk with a certain type of filesystem is safe and the software will not make any changes.
* The size of a file is obtained by the files in the specified directory or partition.
* A selected folder can be included in the calculation of the file size.
* The software allows for a variety of file formats, including:

What’s New in the?

Sizes of Folders and Subfolders gives you an exact and a rough value of the directory as a whole, and those of the sub-folders contained in it.
There is no chance to add additional folders and subfolders to analyze their sizes. You are not even prompted when the directory contains a large amount of folder/subfolders.
You get details about the size of folders and subfolders only. It does not calculate the capacity of external hard drives.
The user interface is built with a simple design, and anyone should be able to pick it up very easily.
The software is free of charge and easy to use, although it does not have the functionality to add missing folders and subfolders.
You may read and write data to the text file in order to track changes in the sizes of folder and subfolders.
Sizes of Folders and Subfolders Windows size:
Sizes of Folders and Subfolders is a small piece of software that enables you to estimate the size of folders and subdirectories.
The application is able to deal with individual folders, subdirectories, and even the entire directory. You can find information about the directory size, including the size of its subfolders, and provide the number of bytes for the whole directory. Moreover, you may extract additional details about the folder sizes, such as the number of files/folders, the size of the remaining space, and capacity of external disks.
However, it does not have the ability to calculate the size of external hard drives, and that is a major issue for most users.
Working process of Sizes of Folders and Subfolders:
Sizes of Folders and Subfolders is a small tool that can be deployed on all Windows versions available on the market. You can install it on the main drive or an external USB storage.
After the installation process is finished, click on the button Start and then find the executable file. Go through the interface and select the desired subfolder. The directory size will be displayed.
If you want to view the properties of the folder/subfolder, simply click on the folder/subfolder icon. This will take you to the properties dialog box. There you may customize the directory type, check the items you want to view, and much more.
Get rid of the software by deleting its files from the storage device, or even the host PC.
By default, Sizes of Folders and Sub

System Requirements For Sizes Of Folders And Subfolders:

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