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Fantasy Grounds Coastal Map Pack 2 is the sequel to Fantasy Grounds Coastal Map Pack 1 which was released in October of 2013. Coastal Map Pack 2 offers a broad range of new features. The most significant changes in Coastal Map Pack 2 are:
new dock building tool which allows you to create docks at any location on the map,
fully customizable railings,
fully customizable ship pieces,
fully customizable ship skeletons,
fully customizable ship hulls,
fully customizable ship weapons,
fully customizable ship decorations,
fully customizable interior objects,
new floating terrain,
new bridge tools and scenery,
new fog,
new global weather effects,
fully customizable ship colors, and much more.
Decorations to add to maps, including fully created ships, ship parts to build your own, nautical items, crates and trunks, structural elements, and so much more.

Now we present a preview of the nautical items!

Ship Parts

Ship Weapons

Ship Decorations

The main focus of this content is boats, as much as I would like to have included land vehicles as well. This is because boats already have a lot of functionality and it would make the game too large and complex. 

The templates included here are fully functional, and can be run through the new ship item skeleton.


Decorations will never need painting or any logic or game world interactions.
The ship skeleton will modify the ship appearance based on the decoration.

Beach Decorations:

Dock Decorations:

Ship Skeleton:

Ship Hull:

Ship Weapons:

The following ship items and ship decorations are not included in the templates, as they are large in size, but I have included them in the section to keep them from being lonely.

New 100×100 touchable tiles for roads and bridges.
New road and bridge decorative elements.
A new hook to attach decorations to the island.

The following ship decorations will not work with the ship skeleton.

Route/Railroad Decorations:

Decorations from the “Brush» category have been moved into the «Decorations» category for consistency.

All brushes are now fully optimized for Fantasy Grounds Unity.

The Preview Video:

Ships (v3.3.4) v3



  • Hunger Coop 4x (Battle.net, all Path of Exile races)
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  • High Dimensional (2.0)
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  • Free Catchup & Trade features
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  • Maps for NC and MO HC4x
  • Invocations: SCOUGAR! Volcanic
  • Invocations: Unstable Terrain


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Key Features:
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About The Developer:
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Music in the game is available in a few choices in the main menu. Only two are included in the game:
New in version 1.4.0: You can now also get the music in MP3 format. This format is available for download in the options menu of the game. An email will be sent to your email address when your purchase is complete.
\$\begingroup\$This was for the release version, since the last update I was also able to buy the track in flac format. I’ve already bought the track because I had no idea that I could, but that was worth it. It’s quality is the same as the Mp3 version, but it’s in FLAC format, so it’s about twice the size of an Mp3.
Included in the game files are a few different game levels that can be used as reference if you wish to use them as a template to build your own levels.

As I recall, the game itself was very good (mainly because it was such an original idea) so I’m eager to see how it compares to what comes after.

The game is to be published for the PS3 and for the PC. I’m still not sure if it will be released as a physical copy, but I’m eager to get my hands on it. The song I released for the game is available in several different formats, so there’s something for everyone.

Chocolate by Prata
Youthful, enthusiastic, and full of spunk. He loves his life and the people he meets. He’s as eccentric as he is odd.
Chocolate, nevertheless, finds himself sucked into a nightmarish world while on the train to work. What will it take for him to come back to normal again?


Pitfall by Prata
Chocolate is a spoiled


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