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Hide Home Feed
Hide Sidebar
Hide Top Header
Hide Calls
Hide Cards
Hide Related Videos
Hide Recommended Videos
Hide Experiments
Remove Mixes
Remove Comments
Hide Notifications
Hide Loaders and Indicators
Hide Video Info
Hide Top Banner
Hide Closed Caption
Hide Fullscreen Caption
Hide Stills
Hide Fullscreen
Hide Content Snippets
Hide Cards
Hide Lower Header
Hide Ads
The extension can also take things a bit further by offering a bunch of other options, including Hide Web Page
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This one gets rid of recommended videos altogether.


YouTube generally respects the preferences you’ve set in the browser, so you could try using the Firefox add-on Video Hider:


Laravel use the table name in the query

I have a model User and a table named user_followers. In the User model, I want to add a method getFollowers. I want to use the name of the table «user_followers» instead of «followers».
This doesn’t work:
$users = User::all()->getFollowers();

This works:
$users = User::all()->get(‘followers’);

I think the problem is in the index or hasMany.
This is in the User model:
protected $table = ‘user_followers’;

protected $casts = [
’email’ =>’string’

I think I need to add the name of the table in the index too:
public function getFollowers() {
return $this->hasManyThrough(‘App\Followers’, ‘App\User’, ‘id’, ‘followed_user_id’);


You need to specify the table name.

More info:


Unhook For Chrome Download (Latest)

Create a more minimalist, distraction-free YouTube experience.

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Unhook For Chrome

Unhook for Chrome is a streamlined YouTube add-on designed to filter out unwanted videos. The extension doesn’t just block or hide videos, though. What it does is streamline and simplify your browsing experience by cleaning up the sidebar and other sections, as well as leaving out important video notifications.
Tags: youtube, chrome, addon, extension, hide, unfollow, unhook, better YouTube, youtube, video hide, unfollow video, unfollow youtube, unmute, unfollow

Instabar is a new Chrome extension that moves YouTube’s various action bars so that you can choose which ones you want to see at a time: your viewing feed, video information, recommended videos, your watch history, and more. The extension can even remove all the standard tabs save the home feed, and rearrange them in different arrangements.
Instabar Overview:
As long as you’re watching a video, the extension can move the various bars around the page to wherever you’d like them to be: the video itself, its description, your watch history, and more. The video feed can be moved to the top or the bottom, and if you prefer it to be off the page entirely, that’s an option as well.
When you’re done browsing, you can drag the bars back to their original positions, or move them to a different part of the page – the action bar will move with them.
Instabar shows how lazy you can become when it comes to your video experience, yet the extension does a fine job of allaying your nerves by offering more than a few convenient ways to handle your video navigation. It’s possible to perform most tasks through it, but some are better accomplished through the YouTube website, and we advise against operating the extension and the standard YouTube interface at the same time.
Instabar has three modes of operation that you can choose from through the extension’s various tabs: «View 1», «View 2», and «View All». View 1 arranges the various bars in a more standard way; View 2 enforces the bar arrangement you want, which means that should you be working on a video or channel page, the extension will still move the bars to their intended spots. Finally, View All arranges the bars in a way that you control: it’s pretty self-explanatory, but we’ll talk more about that in a second.
Instabar is a fairly comprehensive extension that can make a good thing more useful. Despite its many

What’s New In?

Unhook for Chrome is a versatile Chrome add-on that makes YouTube better by hiding recommended, related and other annoying videos from your web history. It allows users to declutter their experience by only showing them the videos they wish to see. It is compatible with your YouTube settings which means it will remove videos that are not in your list of suggestions. Hidden video areas include the playlists, channels, comments, related videos, etc.

Feature list

Hide home feed
Hide related and recommended videos
Hide the side menu
Hide the top header
Hide the video page elements
Hide the end screen
Hide the comments
Hide media controls
Hide the search bar
Hide the video and description
Hide the author details
Hide the live chat window
Hide the playlists
Hide the trending videos

Related Videos
Unhook for Chrome has no option to hide the lists of related videos. The available options are the same as the YouTube list of related videos, but instead of hidden by default, they’re even more prominent and cannot be ignored.
Unhook is available for both the web browser and Android versions of the Google Chrome browser. Like all add-ons, you can apply this to the current page, or set it to always install for a specific site.
Version 2.0

— Changelog from 1.1 to 1.4
Version 1.5

— Removed useless video counts from the page and removed annoying «thanks for liking» message
— Improved app start up time
Version 1.4

— Made sure that no video ends were accidentally removed (i.e., numbers above the player)
Version 1.3

— Added an option to remove the top header element
Version 1.2

— Fixed some other minor bugs with video pages
Version 1.1

— Updated the extension to run on Chrome versions 58+
Version 1.0

— The first release

Unhook for Chrome was created by Alexander Siegel and is free to use for anyone.


You can also disable Recommended Videos from within the YouTube website.
In the search bar type: «Disable Recommended Videos».

The effect of repeating interactions on the crossover of the 2-bar pattern in young children: a longitudinal study.
It is widely acknowledged that children learn systematic, sequential patterns by means of imitation. Recent research has focused on how this learning occurs in infancy.


System Requirements For Unhook For Chrome:

OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo / Core 2 Quad
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard Disk: 30 GB
Graphics: Windows DirectX 11 compatible Video Card with 1024 MB memory (NVIDIA GeForce 9 series / ATI Radeon X series / AMD FireGL V5100 series.)
Broadband internet connection
Additional Notes:
* Recommended:
Processor: Intel Core i7
Memory: 6 GB RAM