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Tales Of Maj’Eyal — Embers Of Rage Free Download [portable]

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jp .MachineEnd
in AL, al
add al, al
adc cl, cl
dec hl
mov bx, cs

dec hl
mov ax, cs
mov ax, cs

out AL, CH

mov ax, cs
mov bx, ds

align 6
int 10h
mov ax, cs
and ah, 0fh
cmp ah, 0fh
jz .Done
cmp cl, 0fh
jz .Done
and cl, 0fh
cmp cl, 0fh
jz .Done
cmp dx, 0fh
jz .Done
mov bx, ax
xor cx, cx
mov ax, cs
add ax, rbx
mov cs, ax

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