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Can you explain to me how to add an external server to Solver’s Cfg file? SOLVER_CFG = command lines SOLVER_CNF = command lines EXT_LIB_DIR = $SOLVER_CNF$LIB$EXT_LIB_DIR If I replace that line with the following line: SOLVER_CFG = command lines SOLVER_CNF = C:\SOLVER\SOLVER_CNF Then solver does not execute properly. A: I had the same issue but had an error in the CNF file. I renamed the file to «_CNF.bak» and renamed the SOLVER_CNF variable to SOLVER_CFG. In that case solver ran correctly. You may need to save any changes to the folder structure of the solver folder if you have been editing the CNF files while creating the solver script. The burning topic amongst NBA owners and executives: What is the league’s future? Where should they invest? What should be their next target? All of these questions come from one of those key stakeholders: the commissioner. Conversations with sources around the league reveals why it was so difficult to get Stern to make any comments on the current state of the league, or the future of the league. For the first time, Stern just turned 51 and admitted he was too old to have any long-term memory about what is going on in his league. «You know what the problem is, right? It’s time,» Stern said. «How do I know where it is? Maybe it was there in 2006. «I don’t even know where I know it from. My information is old. I don’t know where it was then. I’m just listening to people talk about it. «But when people start talking about it, I’m listening. When I hear it, I know what the climate is about it. So it’s an education and it’s a process and it’s a learning process as well.» There are so many variables in this NBA offseason that it’s difficult to know what the league’s future will be, and what direction Stern is headed as he continues to look for growth and entertainment beyond the playoffs, and untouchable superstar players. However, Stern

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