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The Dwarves of Glistenveld: A Game of Dwarven Immortality, where the Dwarves of Glistenveld tackle problems of growth, stability and development of their mountain home.
The game focuses on the starting settlement and an initial test of Dwarves in challenging situations. It is not an expansion for The Dwarves of Glistenveld, and you do not need to own that game to play this one.
Game Overview
The Dwarves of Glistenveld is a turn-based 4X game. It is turn based meaning that your choices are governed by the game’s turns.
Instead of having a fixed number of turns in a game, the Dwarves of Glistenveld allow you to plan your turn and then enact it within the turn-based game framework.
This strategic game is the fourth title in Prima Games’ Dwarves of Glistenveld series.
The previous game titles were Glistenveld: The Dwarves of Glistenveld, The Dwarves of Glistenveld — City Builder and The Dwarves of Glistenveld — The Art of War.
The game has 32 unique scenarios that covers the history of the Dwarves of Glistenveld through the rise of its first cities, into its conflicts with the neighbouring kingdoms and the conflicts during the fall of the mighty Glistenveld Empire.
You start the game with a handful of Dwarves that are meant to build the foundations of a new civilisation. It is up to you to take your Dwarves on their journey through the rocky plateau of Glistenveld and reach the fertile valleys of the more suitable areas.
The Dwarves of Glistenveld offers the new feature of multiple settings. To unlock the majority of these settings you will need to complete all scenarios in the game.
You can choose a number of possible settings for your game:
— Backwater: This is where all of the Dwarves will start out. They can be successful, so they will lead them to their first city and they will have to find the necessary resources to build their first Dwarven settlement. You can customize the starting population of their first cities.
— The Wasteland: This setting will focus on each and every individual Dwarf’s search for the most suitable location in the new land. In the start of the game you cannot do much about this, so you have to wait for the Dwarves to explore and


The Way — Soundtrack Features Key:

  • 27 unique room themes and backgrounds
  • “Random Room” for each level (Hide all the computer and items from the player)
  • A full room with obstacles
  • A user-friendly interface for playing
  • Extreme high-quality graphics for a computer and mobile device
  • Simple controls, all they do is use the mouse
  • Extreme high-quality special sound effects
  • Fully animated visual effects
  • Each level is challenging, but fun enough to keep things interesting
  • All stages are fully unique

Virus ZGame Hints and Help:

  • Escape? Just press the spacebar in the level
  • Let’s get on with it? Really? Then just hit the spacebar on the menu

Virus Z

Virus ZSpecial features:

  • Historical reference (looks like someone else has already had the same idea)
  • Interactive interface
  • More than just a game, it’s more a tutorial on using Windows Vista.
  • Crazy graphics are included
  • Post a screenshot now!
  • Use the advanced options in the settings


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«Gun Brothers» is a difficult action roguelike for 1-4 players.
The fast-paced action is spiced up with a variety of unique items and weapons found throughout the procedurally or randomly generated levels.
Full Controller Support;
A variety of unique items with special effects
Deadly traps
Cross Platform Multiplayer
We worked hard to release cross-platform functionality, where you can play with your PC, or you can play with phone device, even multiplayer online with your friends.

Platform: PC

Action: Roguelike

…more of

Category: Simulation

Simulation, War




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The Way — Soundtrack

Touhou Nil Soul — Soundtrack:

Original Songs of Touhou

《Nil Soul》,

Xtears II(Artwork by Miwa Masaoka),

Bombshell(Artwork by Eiri Shiota),

Conquest(Artwork by Tomomi Mochizuki)

Along with Season 1, Soul J — POP, and Touhou Devil Survivor 2 : Darkknees — Music Video, DLC for the game comes in an attractive package.The DLC includes a custom soundtrack of Nil Soul and an artbook containing the illustrations and compositions of both the game and the DLC. Soul J — POP has recently gone live for PC and PS4.The DLC will include a custom soundtrack in MP3 format containing all the arrangements and tracks for the DLC. Soul is no longer a downloadable track on Steam and is not included in the DLC Soundtrack.There is no confirmation yet on whether or not Yomichan would be sold separately or bundled with the DLC.The game itself will also sell separately, and was released for both PC and PS4 earlier this year.Soul J — POPMP3DLCWAV — SteamDLC(«Steam DLC» as per Steam)Touhou 4 Game — SoundtrackSoul J — POPMP3DLCWAV(QQ)-SteamDLC(«QQ steam» as per Steam)Game audio is also available in Korean, in English, and in Russian, and contains both Soul and Soul J — POP arrangements.After being released on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PlayStation 3, a localized version of Soul J — POP was released for PC as well.A PC release of Soul J — POP will be announced once it becomes available.Nil SoulQQsteamPS3game soundtrackPS3game soundtrackOn SteamSoul SoulJ — POPMP3DLCWAVSteam(«steam» as per Steam)QQ(No English Track name for the current track in the PC version)Soul J — POPMP3DLCWAVQQ(No English Track name for the current track in the PC version)Steam(«steam» as per Steam)Game audio is also available in Korean, in English, and in Russian, and contains both Soul and Soul J — POP arrangements.Game is also available on both PC and PS4. Soul was released for PC last year as part of the PC port of Touhou8: Gensou Majutsu. Soul J — POP was


What’s new in The Way — Soundtrack:

    Also, I have to agree with the thoughts of NCRPo, as well as other players, on the terrain. Taken out of context, yes, it adds things to do that may be against the game’s official format. But if you’re playing a deathmatch type game and are wanting to take something out of context, then perhaps try to be a bit more sensitive to both factions, and keep the terrain in the mix. Several of the objectives have a center to them, and most are very landscape oriented. Others are more facility oriented, and make you think about what units and units may be near to the centre of the table. It wouldn’t be bad to include bases/centers and other facilities in the mix.

    It would benefit me if you asked us how you may live with Nintedo Cell please? To kind of say what I meant is that I would say that the extra land is not integral to a core concept the TF2 is trying to express. For instance if the objective is based on the landscape, complete with a sense of the southern California mentality, then perhaps stand a chance at telling the story a bit better.

    As far as the interface goes, maybe make the view larger? Or have the units be larger, or at least “toothed” units so I see the attacks. A 2-5 flash like AttacK also makes attack more accessible.

    How about do other actions for attaching artillery, doing deals, and (perhaps alchemy/spell casting). Additional objectives are centered around in the map area. A plantation is an example. So situational awareness in a more outside place, surrounding the objectives, might be nice and interesting to different types of game modes.

    Maybe put weapon icons onto the minimap, interesting concept.


    Injury state on life bar and other minor details on the UI.

    Replace the animation system with the last one, or slightly change it for all units.

    Bumps, tumble, shoot, strafe, crouch, prone … be able to transition quickly between weapons as needed? … not only attributes, but as merely on-board augmentation (as it may be).

    But it is likely that dafamouse, despite my previous suggestions, will carry it on.

    This is just my point of view and what I think could have been a good idea for multiplayer.



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    A world torn apart. A power that has lost its tether to the mortal realm. An uneasy peace between these forces has lingered for years. But now that peace is being threatened once again by an unknown power… RunE WorldReckoning is an action RPG adventure game and a unique attempt to create a tactical RPG focusing entirely on the tactical use of magic and items. Its main feature is the use of a turn-based combat system that allows the player to freely command their characters against an adversary. This is achieved by the presence of a main battle screen which shows the state of the battlefield at any given moment, allowing the player to decide on their tactics in the middle of an ongoing fight. Furthermore, RunE WorldReckoning can be split into three different campaign-style maps, complete with an original story written by the game’s directors, which can be played by choosing a different avatar. The last campaign is not playable through the main battle screen.
    This pack contains a Black Metal Anime character and a Blood Weapon.
    There’s also a two-character Maid costume and a couple of extras:
    Eye of the Magus: Character skin
    Echo of the Old Gods: Character skin
    Figurine Lector: Character skin
    Glade of the Fallen: Character skin
    Glaive of the Elves: Character skin
    Judgement Blade of the Elves: Character skin
    Judge Saza: Character skin
    RunE Witch: Character skin
    Valkyrie: Character skin
    You can also get access to the Rune II main campaign for a limited time with this DLC. You’ll need the base game to play it.
    For more info, see our website at


    SKA — Epic Ragga Beats

    Fusing the sound of two distinct cultures, Ska and Ragga, offers a new and fresh sound to your collection of favorite DJ mixes and radio station hits with a great depth and selection of rhythm patterns. Ska and Ragga is the part of a larger pack of exclusive content that are soon to be released on iTunes and Google Play.

    Expansion to the popular genre that has captured peoples attention all over the world, Ska is the perfect compliment to the tradition of deep technical breaks and classic Hip-Hop beats, the songs you grew up to, and Ska Music are here to make you feel good and feel fresh. Ska has become a movement with many followers, and it’s brought to


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Single Player Features:

  • Multiplayer; Game Center Support;
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  • 5 missions included;
  • Different game modes or easy tower;
  • Available in many languages;
  • Move around the map to collect items.

Find out why this game is famous across the web. Enjoy Puck Buddies!


Download Puck Buddies for Windows, and start enjoying it on your PC. This game require.Net Framework to run. You can also install DirectX/DirectX9 which is included in.Net Framework. XBOX One is not supported at the moment.

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System Requirements For The Way — Soundtrack:

Windows XP
Mac OS X 10.8 or later
Linux Ubuntu 14.04 or later
Pentium 4 (or equivalent) with SSE 2 and SSE 4.1
1 GB of RAM
20 GB of free space
Adobe Flash Player 11 or later
An internet connection (in order to install GTA IV)
In order to install and play GTA IV, you must have some kind of SSE processor and adequate RAM. For example, you cannot play GTA IV if you do not have an Intel Pentium 4


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