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Tk-Yupana was created as a lightweight and open source tool that manages to implement the Burns Glynn algorithm.
The Incan Abacus, also known as the Yupana is an ancient calculating device of the Incas.
Glynn argued that the Yupana tablet is a calculator in base 10 with a space reserved for memory.







Tk-Yupana Crack Free For PC [2022]

Tk-Yupana Crack For Windows is an open source, cross-platform, cross-compiled, C/C++ application that implements the Burns Glynn algorithm.
Tk-Yupana managed to implement the logic necessary to calculate a value on the Yupana tablet without transcribing the tablet’s calculation to a paper based calculation.

Tk-Yupana Features:

Creates a new text file with a text representation of all digits and their corresponding values which make up the calculation for the user.
The user can choose how many digits are to be used for the calculation.
The user can choose whether the decimal point should be included in the calculation.
The user can select the place where the decimal is to be retained.


External links
Tk-Yupana Homepage
Tk-Yupana Live Demo
Tk-Yupana Source Code

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Tk-Yupana Free [Latest-2022]

It is the first implementation of a calculator in base 10 to use
the simple mathematics of the Glynn algorithm.
The prototype is written in TCL/Tk, and uses the modular arithmetic
Tk-Yupana Crack contains an interactive front end.

The documentation for Tk-Yupana Crack is in JavaScript. I have used it with some success on JavaScript i.e.
Javascript Calculator Tk — Yupana


I know this is pretty old, but I was looking for an answer and found this
Which led me to this tcl source code

Which has an accelation code and some instruction manual.
It seems to be the best option available to me.

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Tk-Yupana Crack +

Tk-Yupana is a calculator in the form of a notebook, a sort of writing pad, and notebook.
The calculator has a special function that allows you to enter to memory numbers.
Tk-Yupana has an advantage when doing batch programming.
It is possible to interact with the code when running on Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems.
The Tk-Yupana user interface consists of a notebook with 5 pages.
The pages of the notebook are:

General Summary

The Tk-Yupana works with Linux and Windows operating systems.
There are more than 2,000 different programs are implemented by Tk-Yupana.
It is the first free calculator and it will probably be the last calculator, a little notebook.
A free and open source operating system for GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.
The calculator runs on all platforms, so you do not need to choose a platform for your notebook.
Software available in the «Tk-Yupana-Tp» distribution.
The Tk-Yupana is open source and free as in freedom (GPL).
To enter, click on the sequence or enter the desired number.
With the help of the Tk-Yupana, you can calculate all kinds of tables, functions, the Fibonacci series, and others.
Tk-Yupana has a set of algorithms that permit the user to create a scientific calculator.

Tk-Yupana is a free, open-source and cross-platform software.
Glorious design, a very interesting tool.
The Tk-Yupana is a great platform for the development of Android applications.
Because it is an open source, free, cross-platform and no doubt the best calculator, we recommend the Yupana.
There are no technical limitations that stop you from developing applications for it.
The application for Android is based on Java.
The program can run on Android devices.
For download and installation the program from here:

How to use Tk-Yupana?

On Windows:

Because it is a notebook, you can save your files and then you can call the program from anywhere.
After loading the notebook

What’s New in the?

Tk-Yupana is a simple calculator with a 2D display which runs as a standalone process.
It is designed to be created, executed, and controlled with simple commands. The display shows both numbers and calculations. There are three data types: integer, float, and an arbitrary data type.
In memory there are 35 memory slots, and the usage of each memory slot depends on the data type of the current cell.
The value of any cell is determined by the value of the memory slots located in the neighborhood of the current cell, and the carrying operation applied to the memory slots is the total operation that moves the value of the current cell to the memory slots located below.
The calculation are very fast but this result can be incorrect for all the implementation has not been finished.
The calculator for Tk-Yupana can be used for basic calculations such as arithmetic operations and factorials.

See also
Inca Abacus
Glynn’s algorithm


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ngModel not updating on select on change of select

Here is the code


I have a list of types in scope SUTypes. On changing the select box. My list is not refreshed or atleast i don’t see the changes.
Any suggestions on how to fix this?


You must include ng-options in your select element:


In your case you should use ng-options, otherwise you are passing an array of type strings to ngModel which is an object.
As it is type is an array of objects.

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The technology is based on an

System Requirements:

Windows Vista / Windows 7
Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.6GHz / AMD Athlon x2 @ 2.6GHz
3.5 GB available HD space
1024 x 768 resolution with a 16:10 aspect ratio
Microsoft DirectX 9.0c compatible video card with a DX10 accelerator
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