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Super Liquid Soccer is a free to play endless running game created by Ludum Dare 2013 winner Voxanel over the weekend. During this Ludum Dare the game was completely rewritten from scratch, as the original one never got released. In this free to play version the journey begins as soon as you launch the game. It starts with a tiny character unable to run and collect coins as fast as possible to unlock the world and the next level.You are going to collect coins as fast as possible, on a path with many dangers, you are competing against yourself, other players and other interesting challenges on the way.
Key Features of Super Liquid Soccer:
✓ Social game. Play together with your friends or other players in real time.
✓ Endless runner: Keep on going until your heart is racing!
✓ 9 levels. Collect a lot of coins to unlock the next level, finding coins on the road without noticing the traps.
✓ Run and jump over traps.
✓ Collect coins and unlock powerful items.
✓ 2 different types of play — Free play and Tournament play.
✓ 9 characters — play as a male and as a female with different skins.
✓ Lots of unlockable items.
✓ 2 different worlds with lovely environments.
✓ Very short but addictive gameplay.
✓ Online multiplayer.
✓ Real time synchronous gameplay
Features of Super Liquid Soccer:
In addition to being a great sports game, Super Liquid Soccer also shares the same joy, the unforgettable thrill of running fast, having fast emotions, getting lots of coins, wanting to unlock the next level, finding coins along the road, discovering amazing items and playing with your friends in real time.
Play Super Liquid Soccer and get out of this place!
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Super Liquid Soccer features a short list of hazards, an endless journey, plenty of challenges and of course many interesting items to collect and unlock. You can play the game for free, there is no need for any kind of payment, no microtransactions. The game is created for fun.
Game contains ads when playing and offers in game advertisements to support development.
For any questions or suggestions please leave a comment in the comments section.
I hope you


Uznali SoglasnbI Features Key:

  • Over 250 Levels in total
  • Unlimited returns
  • Secret bonus levels
  • Many more character models to collect
  • A massive level of detail to enjoy
  • Hidden achievements


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Fight with powerful enemies that are increasing in strength and challenging timing controls.
-Card-battle game using touch controls!
-Obstacles can be avoided by pressing or shaking your device
-Deals different stages of enemies and different probability of attacks
-Drop a card to attack!
It’s easy to learn and enjoy the game
-Easy to understand and easy to play
Requires about 15 minutes to play the entire game
-It’s easy to understand but hard to play (1 game takes 15-30 minutes)

Champion Ultimate Shooter
?-Co-op mode
?-online multiplayer
?-Original theme-gameplay-fanart
?-New Update
?-Supernew update (Let’s go!!!??)
There are a lot of numbers listed, but don’t worry, actually, You can’t understand every number because You don’t have to understand the exact number, or you can’t say the exact number, You just have to say it with grammar.
You can understand most of them, if You like this kind of game.
You can say the number, but it’s probably a little harder than you think, but you can use these numbers with grammar to talk like a true master at the game:


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This top-notch glitch is a great way to train up and sharpen your Intrusion skills as a whole.
This mission is going to showcase how a selected skill set will be developed and skilled together.
First, you will need to pick from the following skills: Task Management, Malware and Rootkit Development, Hash Diving, OSINT skills, and OSINT Web Hacking.
After our sponsor logos are done, we would then learn what resources we can utilize to hack the bank. You will have the chance to take a few minutes to train, and then learn how to properly maneuver around the bank.
Then, you will need to access the safes, and perform targeted phishing and infiltration attacks to gain access to the individual safe numbers.
Once that is set, you are going to use Remote Access Trojan, and other tools to take over the control of the safes, and open them with ease.
You will have to outsmart the security levels, since the safes will need to be LABELED as ‘GOOD’ to complete the mission.
Finally, we would also want to pull up the previous missions and accomplish the mission to train and sharpen the skills we learned.
Please enjoy the mission, and leave a comment if you are in any way confused on anything we did.
Thank you.
Yolo Space Hacker — YouTube Playlist:

Pharyngula Hacking Team & Leaks —

FARGO — The FBI has successfully hacked into the security camera network at the Family Bank of Fargo.
According to USA Today, as a result of the hack, the real-time video of the bank’s drive-thru lane has been turned off, so now the FBI can’t see what car is at the window. The FBI says the hack affected the real-time feed of a camera on the 100 block of SouthRice Boulevard.
The FBI said the hack was part of an investigation into identity theft and fraud. Police are looking at two suspects who may have stolen credit cards off of gas station registers in Grand Forks and Moorhead, Minn. Those cards were used


What’s new:

Version of Him

I thought I would send this to the members who are active in the sport. Everyone who is active in the sport has seen this below video. They have asked me repeatedly where I got the video from so someone else must have it out there.

The video is very informative, and I asked Jewel what his thoughts on the video. He was studying the scriptures (reading Secret of the Priesthood) in preparation for his calling as a priest on the next Great Day. He has been very impressed on how good this video is. He loves the prophet. He also loved that he was so nice to the youth that were there. He paid extra attention to the youth in his ward. It is good that the Youth are there to witness and to lead us on to eternal life.

The message of this video is very different than the other videos. It is very plain. It is based on understanding and on actually accepting the message. He is talking about obedience and the need of us to live by the laws of God. Well if you have any doubt about God’s Laws try to follow them. It is the only way in this life that works, and maybe it is the only way in Heaven too. This is one of the many scriptures given to Joseph Smith that so many of us have read or even blindly said we believe in them. The Gospel of the Church is very simple but very complex. We need to make a change in our lives. This video is very descriptive of the little understood scriptures that govern all of our LDS life. We have a duty and an ability to our Father in Heaven and He will help us understand it. There are so many scriptures we do not understand because the way we teach them is not correct. There is so much for us to learn from the Lord to truly understand His commandments. I have quoted many times in the past on how important it is to seek God and the spirits so we may know His commandments, but this needs to be taught continuously and not just once in a life time. Christ said that in the end time we shall hear His voice not man’s voice, and we shall see His face not man’s face. We shall feel the spirit of the Father not man’s spirit. So we have to listen when his voice speaks to us. But the voice of our Father in Heaven is as plain as the sun in this world. Like he said, if we have ears we should hear. Unfortunately most of us use our voices


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Death by Hanging:

By the time you’re done, they’ll be swinging in the noose!

Heroic Action:

As the body slumps to the floor, a hero arrives to save the day.

The Epic Gallery:

Everyone has their favorite hero and Epic Gallery is filled with amazing fan art.

Dive into Death by Hanging on Mobile:

With Death by Hanging’s mobile version, you can enjoy it any time, anywhere, on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

War in the West is a 3D action RPG that lets you explore a vibrant open world and battle deadly monsters as one of four characters.

Your hero team is strong, but it’s just too slow and clumsy. To change that, you must build a deep weapon system that lets you turn your team into weapons of mass destruction.

Key Features:

The war for Epia territory rages on:

Death by Hanging: Take control of a hero squad as they rescue the fair maiden Epia from the clutches of the wicked evil lord Mandragore. But is the hero squad strong enough to defeat Mandragore? Find out by fighting in the war for Epia’s turf.

Who you play as: Choose from four unique hero types: the knight, archer, warrior, and bruiser. Each hero has their own advantages and weaknesses, and specialized weapons to match their gameplay style and playstyle.

Bring in the heavy artillery:

Death by Hanging is packed with a diverse and robust arsenal of ranged weaponry – archer, sniper, and slinger shotguns – as well as melee weapons – the knight, warrior, and bruiser.

Ammo and Battle Points System:

Ammo is the lifeblood of any army, and it is the only resource to upgrade weapons and give your hero squad bonuses. Dying to enemy attacks and burning through ammo means you’ll need to be careful. It’s all about being ready at the right time to unleash the weapons you’ve been working so hard to perfect.

Orbital Defense:

In Death by Hanging, you’ll be able to team up with your friends online and battle in thrilling multiplayer matches to try and save the fair maiden Epia and her kingdom.

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How To Crack:

  • Navigate to the directory where you have unzipped the game and run setup.exe.
  • Click Continue.
  • Let the game install.
  • When installation is finished, click Next to continue.
  • Click Finish.

    Finally! You got The Tower Of TigerQiuQiu Ninja Alpha:

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